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  • 611-613 E 8th St Boston, MA 02127, USA - South Boston
    Mailman, Jason, has refused to deliver mail for weeks on end. The pathways to the community mailbox are clear yet JASON the mailman claims they are "treacherous." There are elderly here and families with little kids who cannot always be trekking to the post office to get their mail. Please help!
  • 725 E 3rd St Boston, MA 02127, USA - South Boston
    While the snow began to fall at around 4:30pm I found an open spot marked it and went out for 15min.
    Came back and this crappy jetta had thrown my cone-- she said that "she shoveled out the spot week ago" and that I should know it was hers.
    Known rule- YOU ONLY HAVE 48hrs to SAVE A SPOT
  • 106 Dorchester Street - South Boston
    must stop the double parking in front of PS deli. this goes on all day long as people stop in the middle of the street to get their coffee. they block the right lane to the green arrow to continue on to east broadway. meter maids n police need to do their jobs! this is a huge problem when it takes 10 minutes to get through perkins square.
  • 1915 William J Day Blvd Boston, MA - South Boston
    the water fountain along Day blvd that intersects with the sugar bowl walkway does not turn off. Water pours out constantly.
  • 736 E 5th St Boston, MA 02127, USA - South Boston
    There are five just between N and O. And there's a couple on N between 6th and 4th. How easy is it to get a handicap spot?
  • East Broadway And M - South Boston
    Construction in Southie continues from the summer and will go on into the Winter. Our Officers are great people but Its incredibly frustrating when they are seen on their cell phones- or chatting it up with their fellow workers and failing to pay attention to drivers-there have been numerous close calls especially with St. brigids Catholic School getting out.. This is OUR tax dollars we are paying them and it'd be nice if they paid attention ALL OF THE TIME
  • 295 K Street - South Boston
    It would be very helpful to have trash bins placed on K Street (especially closest to East Broadway, but also further down the street near Joseph's Bakery). I noticed that there are solar trash bins down near M Street Beach that seem to work very well at controlling litter being thrown on the sidewalk. It would be great if we could keep our streets litter free!!!
  • Cars do not yield Acknowledged
    1408 William J Day Blvd Boston, MA 02127, USA - South Boston
    Cars do not yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk. Those that do have other vehicles whip around them and almost hit pedestrians. This happens regulary. There is speeding, cars running red lights as well as not stopping for pedestrians in the crosswalk on a regular basis. This happens up and down Day Blvd with no traffic enforcement in sight.
  • 69 L Street Boston, MA - South Boston
    The tasty burger smart car is speeding up and down the streets of Southie, blowing through stop signs. The residential streets are 25 mph unless otherwise posted. Slow down!
  • Skunks! Acknowledged
    440 East 8th Street Boston, MA - South Boston
    There are several skunks in this area spraying and biting. Two were on the sidewalk for half the night chasing every one and any one away, spraying all the time. they were fighting or mating. couldn't walk outside because they were so aggressive and were spraying. called for animal control. guy showed up and saw two skunks, mumbled something incoherent, then drove off. any way to get animal control to trap and remove?
  • Summer And Elkins Boston, MA - South Boston
    There have been multiple fender benders at this intersection this spring. It is almost impossible to see south bound traffic on Summer Street from Elkins. Typically, there's an SUV that parks all day long right up to the corner. There is a charter school in the building right on the corner, still the Boston Police have done nothing to enforce parking at this intersection.
  • 146 G St Boston, MA - South Boston
    The sign is gone and cars are going the wrong way on this street into on coming traffic.