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  • 2419 Maplewood Ave Richmond, VA 23220, USA - Byrd Park

    1/21/13 - as far as I know this has never been reviewed by the City. It would be great if someone could come take a look at it when there is a heavy rain to see the huge puddle that forms and stays in the alley for several days.

    In side alley between garages at 601 S. Davis and 2419 Maplewood, whenever it rains a large puddle of water stands for several days creating a risk for mosquitoes. Please install a drain as is in the middle of the side alley. Thank you!

  • 2005 Idlewood Ave Richmond, VA 23220, USA - Byrd Park
    Because there are no trash cans on the 2000 block of Idlewood ave there is always trash left all over the street and in our yards. We need trash cans at all four corners of the block - we get a lot of traffic to/from the convenience store further down on Idlewood.
  • Crackhouse Archived
    2116 Lakeview Ave Richmond, Virginia - Byrd Park
    2116 Lakeview Ave is clearly a crackhouse. I witnessed an actual drug deal today involving a person coming up the alley, into their backyard, and then he removed a baggy from his backside, under his boxers, and removed a translucent baggy containing drugs. The male purchasing from the seller was wearing a multi colored bandana and was tall, black, and extremely thin and frail. He purchased $5 worth, as I was able to see the amount he removed from his wallet as well as hear him say "gimme a five rock". There is heavy foot traffic all hours of the night and day coming through either the back or front of the house. The traffic will knock on the door and when there is no answer they will yell up to the house summoning down whoever lives there, enter the house for no more than 3 to 5 minutes, and then leave and proceed down the street.
  • 2220 Lakeview Avenue Richmond, VA - Byrd Park
    The house at 2220 Lakeview Avenue in Byrd Park is in serious disrepair. One of the windows is boarded up and has been for months. Another window is broken. Broken beer bottles often litter the front yard. The house needs to be repaired and yard needs to be cleaned up.
  • 2000-2200 Block Lakeview Ave Richmond, Va - Byrd Park
    The speeding along Lakeview Ave is creating a serious safety issue. The 4-way at Lakeview & Shields helps a little but not much. Vehicles are traveling well in excess of the posted 25 mph limit. With several bikers, walkers, runners, cats, dogwalkers, children living in the neighborhood and traveling to visit Byrd Park, this has become a hazard. Speeds bumps/humps please!
  • 2401 Rosewood Ave Richmond, VA 23220, USA - Byrd Park

    The owner of the home 2401 uses a Disabled Parking spot With out a disabled sticker as the Disabled previous owner has moved to Westminister and the new owner uses the spot BMW Grey/Silver no disabled tag and a black coupe BMW VaTags Dotcoms

    The city really needs to close this account or take down the sign or leave the sign up and I'll go away....but enough of this limbo....The Complaint is a good parking space is being abused by a non handicapped person and that person or persons are using it as their own In a residential neighborhood where parking can be tight at night and after 5pm

  • 2112 Rosewood Ave Richmond, VA - Byrd Park
    The backyard is overgrown and full of trash. The front has broken windows and rotting wood around the roof where birds are nesting.
  • Corner Of Shields And Idlewood Richmond, VA - Byrd Park
    The bus stop at Idlewood and Shields naturally brings ppl who naturally have trash they need to get rid of as they wait for the bus. The addition of a city trash can at this corner is important.
  • 2105 Maplewood Ave Richmond, VA - Byrd Park
    Trash on the porch & steps, trash by the street, 2 feet tall weeds. The landlord needs to get involved in this messy house! The block is otherwise neat & clean.
  • Pothole Open
    2116 Lakeview Ave Richmond, VA 23220, USA - Byrd Park
  • Other Archived
    909-1099 Lake Road Richmond, VA 23220, USA - Byrd Park
    Storm water drain. I reported this issue on this location several times before and every time got closed as fixed. Please fix it for real this time.
  • 2116 Lakeview Ave Richmond Va - Byrd Park
    Woah. 6+ ppl moved out of 2116 lakeview and have left a lot in the alley. Landlord does not live in the area. It's a pretty impressive pile. Needs to be hauled out.