Aroostook County, Maine

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  • Mechanic St. houlton, ME - Houlton
    apartment building,trash in parking lot,windows used as entrence/exits,siding tore off with insulation exposed,just an eye sore for downtown residents.
  • 375 Main St Presque Isle, ME - Presque Isle
    Traffic backup during lunch hours are a dangerous situation
  • Route 1 Danforth, ME - Aroostook County
    Numerous culverts raised in roadway just north of Danforth on Route 1 causing vehicles to change lanes to avoid the large bumps...very dangerous
  • 48 Dudley St Presque Isle, ME - Presque Isle
    About half the lights on the bike path either don't work or are constantly turning off and on making night walking dangerous
  • Maine 162 Northwest Aroostook, ME - Aroostook County
    Repair route 162 from Sinclair to St Agatha, Worst road I have ridden on while on Vacation enjoying Long Lake.
  • Main St presque isle, ME - Presque Isle
    main st gets backed up thru lights which stops the flow of traffic.cause of mcdonalds drive thru entrance change entrance or build second store
  • Mechanic St Presque Isle, ME - Presque Isle
    We want a spectacular fair of past not the carnival of recent. Only the harness racing compares with the past.
  • Sinclair Road Northwest Aroostook, ME - Aroostook County
    Need to fix and pave Shore Road in Sinclair, Maine This road has not been pave in ten years.They fix it with gravel and when it rains we still have pot holes. It's hard on our car. When is the state going to fix this. It seems that North of Bangor we don't exsist.No wonder they call this place " The Other Maine."
  • 1244 Parsons Rd Mapleton, ME - Aroostook County
    Sewer is falling in behind the trailer in lot number 3. The landlord knows about it but won't fix it! It smells all the time and even comes into our homes. Most of us drink bottled water due to fear of infection from ground water, and it's so close to the houses that any one of the 7 children living in close proximity could fall in and risk drowning! No one will come out and say anything for fear of reprimand from our landlord. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!!!!!
  • Horseback Rd Linneus, ME - Aroostook County
    This Road Has Become A Dumping Area For Old T.Vs Refrigerators, Washing machines Funiture,Matress's tires ,old oil & oil drums,carcasses,Batteries,Lawn Mowers.ECT.ECT. and It is just above a stream.
  • Lake Shore Rd Northwest Aroostook, ME - Aroostook County
    road past golf course too narrow, no paved shoulders or side walks. many people walk and peddle bike that stretch of road. even more hazarous at night.
  • B Road Northwest Aroostook, ME - Aroostook County
    The entire length of the B road in houlton especially the beginning is in dyer need of repair