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  • Shoveling help Acknowledged
    238 Pond Street Boston, MA - Jamaica Plain
    Elderly couple can't manage.
  • Other Archived
    16 Paul Gore Street Jamaica Plain, MA 02130, USA - Mission Hill
    the speed hump white street paint is faded, and cars often fly over it, damaging cars.
  • (pothole) Archived
    189-391 Arborway Boston, MA 02130, USA - Jamaica Plain
    There's a series of potholes in the right lane just as you drive around this rotary with the entrance to the Aboretum on your right. They are scattered through virtually the entire width of the lane.
  • 42 Louder'S Lane Jamaica Plain, MA - Jamaica Plain
    help remove snow in front of car in driveway (toyota Prius '04) on the road side only
  • 14 John A. Andrew Street Jamaica Plain, MA - Jamaica Plain
    I live in Jamaica Plain and I do not know if Jamaica Plain is currently part of the Neighbor to Neighbor Volunteer Group . If JP is being included and if this current snow storm qualifies as a snow storm, when the storm is over could someone shovel out my car (2011 Navy Blue Subaru Sedan 625JS6)? On top of my usual situation of being a widow and a senior citizen with many health issues, I now have a torn rotator cuff in my right shouder and there is no way I can shovel even a small amount of snow. In Jamaica Plain, it is not currently a small amount of snow, it has become quite sizable and the storm is not over yet. Would someone let me know if I am part of this group yet. If I am not, I will try and find someone in my neighborhood that can hopefully help me. Thanks, Marilyn Bravo
  • Numerous potholes in both directions on Allandale Street near Brookline/Boston line!
  • (pothole) Archived
    43 New Heath St Boston, MA 02130 - Mission Hill
    huge hole
  • Grosvenor Rd Jamaica Plain, MA - Jamaica Plain

    Pale blue Honda Fit hatchback lic# HP795G parked on Grovenor Rd. Left Right Around Corner From 14 Pond St. Jamaica Plain, Jamaica Plain, MA.


  • 82 School St Brookline, MA 02446 - Brookline
  • 1 Grosvenor Off 14 Pond St. On Left At Handicapped Spot Jamaica Plain, MA - Jamaica Plain
    Pale blue bonda fit lic.# HP795G, parked on left side in Handicapped Spot on Grovenor around corner from 14 Pond St. Please shovel in front and behind car, clear off windshield and shovel a path from the driver[s side door.
  • (pothole) Archived
    50 Evergreen St Boston, MA 02130 - Mission Hill
    Evergreen st is fast becoming so full of potholes it will soon be impossible to drive on without damage to your car
  • (pothole) Archived
    289 Amory St Boston, MA 02130 - Roxbury