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  • All Of Castleton Street Boston, MA 02130, USA - Mission Hill
    cars, trucks, all kinds of vehicles use Castleton as a cut through between Jamaicaway and S. Huntington; vehicles drive up and down the street at and above 40 mph, including police cars without lights or sirens. lots of kids and pets in the neighborhood, not sure how someone hasn't been hit yet.
  • 14 John A. Andrew Street Jamaica Plain, MA - Jamaica Plain
    I am disabled with two injured shoulders and I cannot either shovel out my car nor the sidewalk. Could someone come and help me? My car is a 2011 Navy Blue Subaru Sedan (625JS6) parked in front of my home. Thank you for all the help Neighbor to Neighbor has always given me. I have an orange snow pusher on my front porch which you can use to make removing the snow from my car much easier. Thanks again.
    Marilyn Bravo
  • Other Archived
    1 Boylston Street Boston, MA 02130, USA - Mission Hill
    on the boyleston/centre street crosswalk, along centre andcrossing boyleston, there's no pedestrian light-- and it's absolutely necessary, as there's no way to know when it's safe to walk -- the other lights aren't really visible. last week we started crossing with our baby stroller and - with no warning- the light turned green-- we felt endangered and drivers yelled at us, as if we had a clue when it was safe to cross.
  • 42 Louder'S Lane Jamaica Plain, MA - Jamaica Plain
    help remove snow in front of car in driveway (toyota Prius '04) on the road side only
  • 82 School St Brookline, MA 02446 - Brookline
  • (pothole) Archived
    189-391 Arborway Boston, MA 02130, USA - Jamaica Plain
    There's a series of potholes in the right lane just as you drive around this rotary with the entrance to the Aboretum on your right. They are scattered through virtually the entire width of the lane.
  • Shoveling help Acknowledged
    238 Pond Street Boston, MA - Jamaica Plain
    Elderly couple can't manage.
  • (pothole) Archived
    43 New Heath St Boston, MA 02130 - Mission Hill
    huge hole
  • Other Archived
    16 Paul Gore Street Jamaica Plain, MA 02130, USA - Mission Hill
    the speed hump white street paint is faded, and cars often fly over it, damaging cars.
  • Other Acknowledged
    57 Brookside Avenue Boston, MA 02130, USA - Roxbury
    Stolen bicycle. A red men's Univega with a MonkeyLectric LED front wheel light, a basket & a Bikes Not Bombs sticker. Last seen locked to a light post on Sunday afternoon. Lock was found cut on Monday at 8 PM.
  • (pothole) Archived
    289 Amory St Boston, MA 02130 - Roxbury
  • 113 Longwood Ave Brookline, MA 02446 - Brookline
    Almost the entire length of Longwood Ave from Harvard to the Riverway is really bad. Too many potholes to count as I go by!