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  • 95 Green Street Boston, Massachusetts - Jamaica Plain

    Shovel driveway and stairs


  • Light is out Archived
    Flaherty Park Jamaica Plain, MA - Roxbury
    During Irene, a giant tree fell and damaged the light in the park. The tree has been cleared by the light still needs to be fixed.
  • 7 Gloria Road west roxbury Ma, MA - Roslindale
    Problem with sidewalk. Cement has lifted due to construction (Bulger construction cut into existing sidewalk to add electrical to pole illeagally!, Also a big tree with roots have uplifted sidewalk resulting in at least 2 falls. Unable to use, resulting in school children using street. Please help has been like this for 3 yrs! also a part of the sidewalk that they did many yrs ago is about 4 inches off from the existing sidewalk agian resulting in falls. Have a handicap parents! Please help! Tx tricia
  • 32 Lourdes Ave Boston, MA - Jamaica Plain

    I need help shoveling out my car which is parked on the street and got plowed/snowed in!


  • 3080 Washington St Boston, MA 02119, USA - Roxbury
    Cars are speeding at the intersection of Egleston Sq/Atherton St and Washington St. Intoxicated pedestrians urinating on Egleston Square property and males flashing themselves around children.
  • 40 Iffley Rd. Jamaica Plain, MA - Roxbury
    Dodge Caravan in front of 40 Iffley needs to be dug out, must be left clear behind tailgate. I'm on crutches after hip replacement surgery, can't shovel. Can be done Sunday, or later if necessary.
  • (pothole) Archived
    The Arborway In Jamaica Plain right after the centre street rotary - Jamaica Plain
    on the arborway in jamaica plain, going northbound, just where the arborway meets the centre street rotary. There's a big pothole in the left hand lane.
  • 98 Burroughs St Boston, MA 02130, USA - Jamaica Plain
    This intersection needs traffic cameras or more police presence, as cars routinely speed through red lights, almost hitting pedestrians who have the "walk" sign.
    I witness this dangerous behavior almost daily, when weather is good enough for me to ride my bike to work.
    Please install traffic cameras and start punishing people, before someone gets hurt or killed at this intersection.
  • Other City Request Acknowledged
    69 Mozart Street Jamaica Plain, MA 02130, USA - Mission Hill
    Wire down and lying across sidewalk. Not sure if it is live or not.
  • Other City Request Acknowledged
    59-99 Cemetery Rd Boston, Massachusetts - Roxbury
    Motorists are:
    1. Not stopping at stop signs for the four-way intersection, and
    2. Blatantly disregarding the no traffic/road closed sign in westbound Forest Hills St towards Shae Cr.
  • 14 John A. Andrew Street Jamaica Plain, MA - Jamaica Plain
    I have used your invaluable service in the past. I am a retired widow and I cannot shovel my car out myself. I have a 2011 Navy Blue Subaru Sedan, plate 625JS6 and it is parked in front of my apartment at 14 John A. Andrew Street in Jamaica Plain. Please make sure that I am on the list of people in need of shoveling out their cars and their sidewalks after a snowstorm. Many, many thanks!
  • (pothole) Archived
    260 Arborway Boston, MA 02130, USA - Jamaica Plain
    An increasingly deep depression around a small manhole cover.