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my neighborhood

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  • trash eyesore Archived
    805 South St Boston, MA 02131, USA - Roslindale
    this property is on the way to roslindale train station.
    front yard full of childrens toys and other litter
    eye sore to neighborhood
  • Jamaicaway/Riverway Boston, MA - Mission Hill
    Despite traffic signage of 25 mph, despite dangerous area d/t narrow, curving lanes, despite cell phone usage and texting, despite the fact that we just had a horrible fatal accident, I experience drivers passing me when I am even at 35 mph! I never see police presence, and I live right in this area. Please police this area! Thank you.
  • 6 Castleton Street Boston, Massachusetts - Mission Hill
    Just today, from 9:30 am to 10:30, I witnessed an illegal left hand turn at Burroughs Street, a car running a red light - not even close, the light had turned red before the said driver arrived in the intersection. Drivers on cell phones and not being attentive on this narrow stretch of dangerous roadway, going over the double line. Speeding is commonplace.
    We need policing, if there was some visible police presence, the problems might alleviated, rather than having lives shattered as we just experienced recently. Please do something.
  • Other Acknowledged
    321-399 Forest Hills Street Boston, MA 02130, USA - Jamaica Plain
    Used syringe still on the street. One removed. Forest hills street, near the DPW yard, just past the 12 min walk sign
  • 6 Castleton Street # 2, Jamaica Plain, MA - Mission Hill

    Hello, I had rotator cuff surgery (shoulder) last Monday and now my car is under snow! I am not able to drive will ticket after a few days. Thank you so much. Carolyn

    i cannot find my password!

    green, vw cabrio convertible 2001.

  • 91-105 Harvard St Brookline, MA 02446, USA - Brookline
    Drivers who are north/east on School/Aspinwall get a green light before the south/west bound drivers do--presumably to permit left-hand turns onto Heath. However there is no left-turn arrow on the light fixture and IT IS NOT APPARENT to north/east bound drivers when the south/westbound light turns green.
  • 58 Eldridge Road Jamaica Plain, MA - Roslindale
    Please shovel out my Beige, Toyota Corolla, MA license # 76LA08. Itin parked in front of 58 Eldridge Road. Thank you!
  • 279 Chestnut Ave Boston, MA - Jamaica Plain

    live on chestnut avenue in JP. My fiancé is a co-owner of a parking lot on chestnut avenue near biltmore street. One of the owners lives out of state and the other two don't offer to help shovel/snow plow at all or to pay someone to do it. There is limited communication about this lot, despite our many attempts to come up with a plan for how to maintain and improve the lot, which many consider free off street parking. Two winters ago, we had multiple storms. My fiancé, one or two neighbors and I removed the snow. I was amazed by the lack of interest in helping to remove snow from what is being used as a community parking lot.

    Once this lot was purchased, it was our hope to be able to resurface this lot so that we could get a snow plow in it. See, there is rock jutting up in the middle if the lot that would damage the snow plow. That option is out.

    My fiancé purchased a snow blower with one other owner who never once helped clear the snow from the lot after multiple storms two years ago.

    Now I have a horrible cold and my fiancé strained his back yesterday. We are at a loss about what to do. No one made any effort to shovel the lot yesterday. This apathy makes me sad. With so many social activists in JP, it is shocking what people take for granted-not even picking up a finger to help do anything but clear out their own cars after the "hard" work has been done by others. In my opinion, anyone who uses this lot should feel obligated to help us shovel the lot.

    If the lot isn't cleared, I will not be able to do my job on Monday--I need to visit elderly clients in their homes. Hopefully, I will feel better today, but I cannot see doing the whole job by myself. I think my upstairs neighbor will help, as he did Two winters ago. But, what about all the so-called "community" members who use this lot. Two years ago before jp patch, I had nowhere to voice this opinion. Thank you for creating this forum.

    Anyway, again my fiancé has a back injury and cannot shovel of use our snow blower. I am sick with a cold, feeling weak, sneezing tons and can do some shoveling, but I am not feeling extremely strong to shovel heavy snow after a very cold night by myself-especially the amount needed. Is there anyone out there who wants to help? We would grately appreciate it. If so, email me at I will also contact neighbors for neighbors but that is mostly meant for elderly and disabled people.

    I eagerly await some replies.


  • Can't shovel Acknowledged
    6 Alveston Terrace Boston, MA - Jamaica Plain
    Cannot get to trash bins, main street and barely have a path to front door. One house occupant with recent back injury (slipped vertebrae disk and sciatica) other occupant with chronic bilateral Tenosynovitis in wrists, hands, arms and she has done as much as she can do!
  • 20 Wait St Roxbury Crossing, MA 02120, USA - Mission Hill
    At the corner of Wait St. and Pequot St. there is a Verizon telephone box. Water drains continuously past this box, on to the sidewalk and into the street towards Huntington Ave. Once cold weather starts, this ices over and makes the sidewalk dangerously slick. People have fallen and been injured.
  • 815 Centre St Boston, MA - Jamaica Plain
    Centre St was resurfaced last year. It was raised higher than the roads off of Centre are lower so that when it rains, massive puddles form at the the crosswalks because the water pools near the drains it can't reach. This is true at the corner of Dunster and Centre Sts and at Holbrook and Centre Sts.