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  • Se 5th St Miami, FL - Downtown
    Benches, picnic tables, and signage are needed to create a more livable and enjoyable park for the public. Miami Today News reported that the Brickell Area Homeowners Association is pushing the Related Group for these changes. Go to:
  • Sw 1st Ave Miami, FL 33130 - Downtown
    There is a need for a traffic light to allow for safe pedestrian traffic into the Metrorail and bus station. Those crossing SW 1st Ave have to avoid zooming automobiles. Quite dangerous - somtimes there is 10 people running accross the street. Perhaps a pedestrian activated light would be appropriate.
  • 451 Se 2nd Ave Miami, FL 33131 - Downtown
    The new Epic Hotel has built a wonderful riverfront. Nevertheless, pedestrian traffic to/from the bridge is being obstructed by a needless 3' wall. This should be an open pedestrian lane to facillitate traffic to/from the riverwalk.
  • 474 Se 2nd Ave Miami, FL 33131 - Downtown
    A clear and marked pedestrian path is needed to connect the street above Brickell Bridge and the Riverwalk below. Right now its like a jungle (which is great!) -- it just needs some small touches. Perhaps a small path, a light, and some signage.This will facillitate pedestrian traffic from the bridge to the riverwalk.
  • 982 Brickell Ave Miami, FL 33129 - Downtown
    A crosswalk is needed on the north side of Brickell Ave and SW 10th St. Many people run accross the street and don't notice the crosswalk on the southside.
  • 417 Brickell Ave Miami, FL 33129 - Downtown
    Promised park and Riverwalk / Baywalk needs to be finished.
  • 305 Se 1st St Miami, FL 33131 - Downtown
    There is a crosswalk on the west side of this intersection. However, on countless occasions, either myself or others (or both) have had to cross the street on the east side without a dedicated crosswalk.
  • Miami, FL - Downtown
    There is a lot of trash in the bay collected in this cut.
  • 1503 Sw 3rd Ave Miami, FL 33129 - Downtown
    The pedestrian crosswalk on SW 13th Street (Coral Way) across from the Walgreens needs additional signage and lighting to alert motorists.
  • 150 Ne 12th Street Miami, Florida - Edgewater
    A large and deep pothole on NE 12th Street between NE 1st Ave and NE 2nd Ave. At about 5:00 on 1/26/16 I was driving down NE 12th Street toward the on ramp to 395 to get to I-95. When I went over the pothole I felt and heard a large bang as my front driver's side tire fell into the pothole. I could immediately tell that the tire was flat and the rim was touching the street. I would like to make a claim for the damage done to my car. Right after I pulled my car to the side of the road to change the tire to a spare, another car (a white Mercedes Benz) drove over the same pothole and had the same thing happen to one of her tires/rims. Like me, she is very upset and wants to make a claim against the city for the damage to her car. I exchanged information with her so that we can contact each other about the process of making a claim. But this pothole has done alot of damage to our cars and who knows how many other cars it has done similar damage to in the past, and will continue to to damage in the future if not fixed. I am uploading a picture of the pothole. I can be contacted at 954-632-0580.
  • 1246 Sw 1st Ave Miami, FL 33130 - Downtown
    Path has uneven sidewalk that makes it difficult for wheelchair. Fell off my bike on this path when I hit the uneven concrete.
  • Pothole Archived
    1869-2049 North Bayshore Drive Miami, FL - Edgewater
    pothole getting bigger every day.