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  • Ne 19th Street And Biscayne Blvd. Miami, FL - Edgewater
    There are several pre schools as well as two Elementary Schools in this area, and many of us parents need to cross Biscayne Blvd to walk our children to and from school every day. Drivers do not observe pedestrian lanes, and make turns while we are crossing, to the point of making a very dangerous task for us to walk out children to school. In the last few months only I have nearly been hit by a car three times, and have witnessed several other people going through similar problems while holding or carrying their kids. The current pedestrian lights only turn on when the pedestrian pushes the button, and are not working properly. This makes our problem even worse, because since the pedestrian light is red, the drivers believe they don't have to observe the pedestrian lane at all, and not only make turns while pedestrians are crossing, but also often stop and yell at people to watch the red light. Flashing lights would be ideal in this high traffic area. Any help is appreciated.
  • This parcel should be turned into a City park as it is so small that it's probably not possible to put a building on it, and as more residents fill up the CBD more parks will be needed. Currently it has trees and grass but it is fenced off from people.
  • 2047 Nw 4 Crt miami, FL - Wynwood
    6 poles out with light after at night very dangerous area for 2 months on 2047 nw 4crt 33127
  • 1750 N Bayshore Dr Miami, FL - Edgewater

    The Opera Tower parking exits directly in the center of the Y intersection of N. Bayshore Drive when heading North.

    There is little to no traffic control at this corner and it needs some type of light just for exiting vehicles from the Opera.

    The placement of this exit is RIDICULOUS and should not have been allowed by the building department and City. The footprint of the building would have facilitated various exit points, however this was approved and built. Now we need to figure out how to make it a better intersection.

  • 1401-1431 Brickell Ave Miami, FL 33131, USA - Downtown
    Not enough crosswalks on brickell. Pedesrtrians are forced to jaywalk. This is fdot's responsibility.
  • 256 Ne 19th St Miami, FL - Edgewater
    There should be two lanes on NE 19th Street and Biscayne (on the west side) which provide for both left turners as well as straight/right hand turners. It's ridiculous with all the new condos this wasn't planned for.
  • 693 Sw 3rd St Miami, FL 33130 - Little Havana
    The streets around this school have disorderly, dangerous traffic. Here are a few ideas of getting kids out to do surveys, and making changes to the street so that it is safer for students:
  • 696 S Miami Ave Miami, FL 33130 - Downtown
    Crosswalk lights at intersection of SE 7th St and S Miami Avenue do not work.
  • bad service Archived
    50 Sw 10 St miami, Fl - Downtown
    bad service
  • 29-35 Venetian Causeway Miami Beach, FL 33139, USA - Miami Beach
    This sidewalk on the corner of Island Avenue has been in a constant state of construction for about 10 years. It is extremely dangerous now because the sidewalk is jutting out into the road because of this construction and cars get very close to the barrier that was erected. Can they finally FIX this whatever problem has been festering for 10 years and leave this corner alone?
  • 259 Sw 13th St Miami FL 33130-4275 - Downtown
    The sidewalks in this whole neighborhood are bad, but SW 13th is the worst. There are all these patches of soft pavement that make rollerblading or even walking the dog a nightmare.
  • 701 Brickell Ave Miami, FL 33131, USA - Downtown
    Crosswalk Signals needed