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  • bad service Archived
    50 Sw 10 St miami, Fl - Downtown
    bad service
  • 38-44 Southwest 26th Road Miami, FL 33129, USA - Coral Way
    Works are making the traffic impossible. Open up the toll until works are done.
  • 312 8th St Se Miami, FL 33135 - Downtown
    The southside of SW 8th Street near I-95 has no sidewalk. Furthermore, there is no crosswalk or way for pedestrians on the southside to cross over to the northside. One of the two options is needed -- either a completed sidewalk on the southside or a crosswalk to the northside so pedestrians can continue on. As it stands now, pedestrians are forced to walk on grass and run accross the dangerous 4 lane fast moving street.
    This condition is especially dangerous as pedestrians run accross the street leading to the onramp for I-95 North and there is no sidewalk or crosswalk.
  • Se 5th St Miami, FL - Miami
    The bay behind the church is filled with garbage all the time. How about somebody make the church clean the bay behind the building, or the city come in and clean it
  • Se 5th St Miami, FL - Downtown
    Some type arrangement needs to be made to complete the bay walk. The parking lot behind the church is one of the only parcels left to complete the public bay walk.
  • There is currently a "Yield to Pedestrians" sign, but the motorists pay it no mind. To augment this crosswalk all that needs to be added is a flashing yellow light. Of course the 3 lane road is unnecessary, but the flasher would help make motorists more aware.
  • Another of the worst sidewalks in Brickell.
  • 8th Street And Brickell Ave Miami, FL - Downtown
    The crosswalk on 8th and Brickell ave is possibly one of busiest crosswalks in Brickell. However, during the week it seems that drivers are not yielding to pedestrians. I've had buses almost run me over while they are making right turns! I would like to see a more prominent crosswalks down brickell - possibly a brick or brightly colored path that is more visible to drivers. Also possibly more signs telling drivers they must yield to pedestrians or they will be fined.
  • 101 E Flagler St Miami, FL 33131, USA - Downtown
    Sunken area of road that caused numerous pedestrian falls. An employee where I worked had to sue the city due to falling and hurting herself. This is obvious city neglience. I have tripped in the middle of the road myself. The road looks fine, but then sinks in right by the crosswalk. Time for fixing!!
  • 450 Ne 15th St Miami, FL - Edgewater
    There is a tremendous amount of pedestrians crossing the street from the bus station to the Omni side of 15th street all day long. People are dropped off as well, causing ongoing traffic issues. Either put in a crosswalk and a light mid-block, or get the skywalk opened up on the 3rd floor to the Omni.
  • Ne 17th St (Between Bk And Checkers) Miami, FL - Edgewater

    Since the Hilton has become more popular, the taxi cab companies have decided that they will make the street leading to the entrance their parking lot. These parked cabs created a very narrow street and they stand with their doors hanging open, requiring you to wait for them to close them to pass.

    Some regulation or control of this activity is necessary.

  • 2044 Prairie Ave Miami Beach, FL 33139, USA - Miami Beach
    Please reinstall bench. Needs to be re-bolted to cement.