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  • 1060-1062 Brickell Ave Miami, FL 33131, USA - Downtown
    It's only a matter of time til this falls in and someone gets stuck
  • Nw 2nd Avenue And Nw 6th Street/North Corner Miami, FL - Overtown
    Late last year I reported a pothole at the north corner of NW 6th Street and NW 2nd Avenue in downtown Miami. I drive at this location 5 days each week. The pothole has now become the size of a garbage bin . . .a real crater.
  • huge pothole Archived
    235 Sw 12th St Miami, FL - Downtown
    HUge 3 to 4 long Pothole has been there for months and cars swerve into opposing lane to get out of the way. If not you risk damage to car, transmission or tires. i live down the block on 12 st and go past it every day on my way to the I- 95 hwy.
  • 76-98 Southwest 13th Street Miami, FL - Downtown

    The M path that goes on for over 12 miles has and is used by thousands of bicyclists , pedestrians , parents and small children and pets gets cut by a busy Sw 13 st without a crosswalk or anything.

    It needs one of those pedestrians walking stop signs that is easily put in .

  • 2600 North Miami Ave Miami, FL - Wynwood
    Street Lights are out on the corner of 26th Street and North Miami Ave
  • 1756 Northeast 4th Avenue Miami, Florida - Edgewater
    Drivers can not see what is around the corner due to a fence blocking their vision. Many accidents have almost happened here.
  • 400-430 Northeast 18th Street Miami, Florida - Edgewater
    Street needs to be cleaned!
  • 102 South Miami Avenue Miami, FL 33130, USA - Downtown
    Yellow signal out
  • Potholes Archived
    45 Southwest 25th Road Miami, Florida - Coral Way
    I have been trying daily since 14 Dec 2015 to follow up with investigator at 305-375-1831 regarding claim for damage by pothole that occurred 9 Dec 2015. Have not yet received a reply via phone, email or direct mail. Have you suggestions on how to proceed? Many thanks,
  • Pothole Open
    East Of Nw 6th St. & 2nd Avenue Miami, FL - Overtown
    Pothole about 1 ft. deep has been at the East intersection of NW 6th Street and NW 2nd Avenue for the past 10 months. I drive on NW 6th Street two times each day.
  • Coral Way And 27th Ave. Miami, FL 33145 - Wynwood
    If you push the button to get a walk signal to cross 27th Ave. on either side of Coral Way, the walk signal never comes.
  • 2-20 Biscayne Boulevard Miami, FL - Downtown
    I have worked at One Biscayne Tower for 27 years. The light at the corner of Southbound Biscayne Boulevard and SE 1st Street is exactly 12 seconds long. The corresponding light once through the intersection northbound on Biscayne Boulevard is ALWAYS red which means it takes at least 6 to 7 light changes to cross Biscayne Boulevard and go northbound. All lights north of Flagler Street are green. I have no idea why this particular light sequence is the way it is, but speaking for all of the people who have to endure this day in and day out, it would be much appreciated if the timing would be changed so that once care turn left on Biscayne Boulevard, the light on Flagler Street would be green so as not to back up traffic for hours.