Wollaston Hill Neighborhood Association

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  • Weston Ave And Chester Street Quincy, Massachusetts - Quincy
    There is an area of broken glass located on Weston Ave close to the intersection with Chester Street. It appears to be windshield glass. Can that be removed before children in the Wollaston Child Care Center find it and try to pick it up?
  • Potholes Acknowledged
    42 Beale Street Quincy, MA 02170, USA - Quincy
    There is a large pothole in the entrance to the CVS store on Beale Street in Wollaston, on city property. There are also 2 potholes on Beale Street heading east just before the CVS entrance. The potholes have been there for a long time and are in desperate need of attention!!
  • Potholes Acknowledged
    41 Phillips St Quincy, Massachusetts - Quincy
    Pothole on Waterston at the end of Phillips
  • 85-101 Samoset Ave Quincy, Massachusetts - Quincy
    Sidewalk needs serious help across from Maypole hill
  • 239 Presidents Lane Quincy, Massachusetts - Quincy
    The portion of Presidents Lane on which I live is one-way, and I have noticed an increasing number of cars driving the wrong way (down the hill). I think the one small sign at the top of the hill is difficult to see, and would suggest two things:
    1. Trim the tree growing over the sign
    2. Add another sign on the other side of the road
    It is very dangerous to have cars illegally coming out of the street onto Granite Ave when others are trying to turn up the street.
  • 18 Thornton St Quincy, MA - Quincy
    Live near Wollaston Station on the red line. I can drive someone if they need it.
  • 97 Beale St Quincy, MA 02170, USA - Quincy
    sidewalk along Newport Ave (corner of Beale St, heading toward the Wollaston T) is not shoveled. This sidewalk slopes downward and walking there when there is snow and ice there is dangerous!
  • Wollaston T Station - Quincy
    at the corner between the Wollaston T parking lot near CVS is a pothole next to a drain that I watched a blind woman step into and amazingly not collapse. I fear this situation will be repeated and someone wil get seriously injured.
  • 313 Elmwood Ave Quincy, MA, 02170, USA - Quincy
    Several cars line the two adjoining streets between 1015/1030 pm. This has been an ongoing event. Then one car/suv style pulls up and several people get out of the car and run to all the other cars idling get in and then they all drive off. Since when did this neighborhood become a park and ride or a drop off depot... Not good!!! Neighbors be aware. See something say something call 911. This not normal... Who knows of drugs are being brought in or distributed.... Very strange.....
  • 83 Elm Ave Quincy, MA, 02170, USA - Quincy
    Elm Ave at Phillips St, mound of snow is so high on the island that cars are not visible coming from opposite direction. Cannot turn onto Phillips or come across Elm Ave safely. Needs to be remedied immediately.