Wollaston Hill Neighborhood Association

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  • 41-47 Weston Ave Quincy, MA 02170, USA - Quincy
    Broken glass near Wollaston child care
  • 54-64 Beale Street Quincy, Massachusetts - Quincy
    The traffic walk signal pole was knocked out of action a couple of weeks ago but we are still waiting for a replacement walk signal pole to be installed. There is no walk signal button on that side of the street -- the traffic pole located near Wollaston Wine & Spirits does not have a walk signal button because there is no crosswalk there. Beale Street is very busy with cars bombing down from Newport Ave. and drivers not paying attention to pedestrians.
  • 182 Norfolk Street Wollaston MA 02170 - Quincy
    For the past 12 years there has been a hole in the sidewalk and street outside my house at 182 Norfolk St., Wollaston
  • Snow Plowing Acknowledged
    56 Sea Street Quincy, Massachusetts - Quincy
    The Sea Street sidewalk along the Mt. Wollaston Cemetery is COMPLETELY UNCLEARED and TOTALLY UNUSABLE. To suggest it's a deadly hazard would be an understatement! Walking in the street there is the only option, and that is incredibly dangerous.
  • 33-75 Weston Avenue Quincy, Massachusetts - Quincy
    Another case of snow amnesia. The storm drains in the Wollaston T Station parking lot never move and yet the snow removal crew always forget to clear them so that when the snow melts the water run off has some place to go besides creating small ponds for residents to slosh through.
  • 760-764 Quincy Shore Dr Quincy, MA, 02170, USA - Quincy
    Trash strewn over sidewalk. It looks like a couple of trash receptacles emptied and significant trash. Sorry did not get a pic.
  • 18 Old Colony Avenue Quincy, Massachusetts - Quincy
    The noise issue at Wollaston station in the middle of the night is out of control! I have been hearing banging at 2 a.m. for the past half hour. This has been consistently happening for days now. How does the city allow this to take place? Why can’t this type of loud construction happen during the day and not the middle of the night?!?!?!
  • Tree/Landscaping Acknowledged
    15 Chester St Quincy 02170, United States - Quincy
    When a tree branch falls in Wollaston days ago....
  • 30 Furnace Brook Pkwy Quincy, Massachusetts - Quincy
    The woods OPPOSITE the houses on the trail about 200 yards along has a tree that fell and is hung up on ONLY the branch of another tree and is read to fall right onto the path below.
    Enter trail at Wollaston beach end East and head West a few hundred yards.
    Very loose can swing it back and forth and dangerous.
    Hanging DIRECTLY over the walking trail.
  • Arlington St/Brook St Quincy, Massachusetts - Quincy
    the amount of cig butts, trash and lottery tickets all over the ground is disgusting,.The stench of fish is overwhelming on some days. there are at least a dozen white vans all parked up the hill to Beale, blocking safe entrance for pedestrians, cars and fire vehicles Oh, and broken sidewalks and massive potholes. This pic was taken on a slow day...
  • Abandoned cart Acknowledged
    Phillips And Elm Quincy, Massachusetts - Quincy
    Corner of Phillips and Elm Ave. The City needs to get a handle on this issue.
  • Potholes Archived
    615 Hancock St Quincy, MA 02170, USA - Quincy
    Crater on Hancock right where Wollaston shuttle stops