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  • Clinton Avenue Lorain OH - Lorain
    Clinton Avenue is a hazard to drive on! The City even painted over the potholes! Take a look at this horrible stretch of roadway.
  • Allmost Every Street In Lorain - Lorain
    These potholes everywhere are very dangerous especially at night
  • 3810-3898 Globe Ave Lorain, OH 44055, USA - Lorain
    the whole neighborhood!
  • Oh 44053 USA - Lorain
    There are Multiple, Huge potholes that are on the Eastbound lane of W 39th street, West of Cambridge making it highly dangerous to life and property. They have been "patched multiple times only to be made worse when street is plowed. Patch comes up along with more of the road. This road needs to be REPLACED not patched.
  • 351 6th St Lorain - Lorain
    holes all around library, 6th st, Reid, Washington, a mess.
  • 1400-1498 Maple Dr Lorain, OH 44052, USA - Lorain
    from Eastlawn to Crehore this street is one big scab of potholes and patches.people are driving though yards to avoid the holes. this street has been a problem for 15 years. It was not put in at the same grade as the street at both ends and is jusrt asphault laid over the ground.
  • 2901-2999 Palm Ave Lorain, OH 44055, USA - Lorain
    This road had huge dips, chuncks of road missing, it is unleveled, and the curbs all look like they are crumbling. This entire strip of road should be fixed, especially since it is a busy bus routs and a snow emergency road.
  • 301 W 34th St Lorain, OH 44055, USA - Lorain
    This road is ridiculous, as many are in Lorain. west 34 st. between Broadway and Falbo ave. The road needs to be totally re paved and no more patching, the road is heavily used by police,fire, ambulance and many Lorain residence as it is a main route from Broadway to Oberlin ave.
    Lorain fix our roads!!!!! or pay our car repairs,
  • 606 F St Lorain, OH 44052, USA - Lorain
    The whole road needs to be fixed. Whether you turn onto F St from Kansas Ave or Colorado Ave, you cannot avoid the potholes.
  • 1944 E 41st St Lorain, OH 44055, USA - Lorain
    Please fix this location. This road has not been repaired in over 30 + years.
  • 4715-4743 Oberlin Ave Lorain, OH 44053, USA - Lorain
    pot holes