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  • 701 W 6th St Lorain, OH 44052, USA - Lorain
    This stretch of street is like a war zone - all pothloles-looks like bombs were set off!
  • 800 Tower Blvd. - Lorain
    Tower Blvd. between oberlin, and Falbo needs to be patched in the worst kind of way. Too many pot holes!!!!
  • 1650 & 1663 E 34th St Lorain, OH 44055, USA - Lorain
    This road has been horrible for years. Recently being patched once again. My father and grandfather have lived on this street for over 30 years. It is ridiculous to put a cone in a pothole and then patch it weeks later.
  • 4640 Pearl Ave Lorain, OH 44055, USA - Lorain
    pearl av from east 40th st to st rt 254 has at least a dozn of 8'' to 12'' deep holes its like driving in a mine field someone is going to get hurt dodgeing the holes but i forgot its "SOUTH " lorain
  • 1310 W 29th St Lorain, OH 44052, USA - Lorain
    Don't drive down W. 29th St. the potholes are so big you can loose a wheel.
  • 1117 West Erie Ave Lorain ohio - Lorain
    Just was wondering if anyone is going to do anything with the road behind the abbandoned Irving Middle School. Everyone who lives on that block has driveways that tie into it, and it's like driving thru a warzone.
  • Fix the holes Archived
    Clifton Avenue Lorain Ohio - Lorain
    clifton ave has so many holes we can't drive or walk down the street
  • 1011 Tower Blvd Lorain, OH 44052, USA - Lorain
  • 2054 Oberlin Ave Lorain, OH 44052, USA - Lorain
    At the intersection of 21st street and Oberlin Ave especially after 12 midnight, the traffic lights there will not change in a timely manner. To have to wait two-to-three minutes late at night seems like an excessive amount of time when absolutely no opposing traffic is in sight. Moreover, when the light changes green for the Oberlin traffic to proceed and my car is the only one to proceed, before I can get across the 21st street intersection, the light is already changing back to green for the 21st street traffic; even if there is no vehicle waiting to proceed. You can get an idea of how long you would have to wait by just looking at your watch for two minutes to know that this is a very uneasy position to be in late at night (sitting duck). In this day in age its extremely dangerous to be just sitting there. There are traps there, but they need to be adjusted; better yet, why can't this traffic light begin flashing at a certain time of the night? Hope someone is listening.
  • East 33rd Lorain Ohio - Lorain
    massive pot holes about2 to 3 feet deep in front of 2225 east 33rd street.i have been asking for the last 25 years to get this fixed.
  • 521 W 6th St Lorain, OH 44052, USA - Lorain
    Impassable street! Holes, pits, jagged brick and asphalt. Undriveable, for the busiest area in Lorain, the Library!!
  • 1506 Missouri Ave Lorain, OH 44052, USA - Lorain
    Either high grass, or the 'slumlord' is trying to grow hay.