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    225 Windsor St Cambridge, MA 02139, USA - The Port
    Illegally parked truck, blocking the bike lane. This is the same truck in the same location at approximately the same time (8:00 a.m.) as yesterday - either CPD wasn't able to issue a citation yesterday or the company doesn't care. As with yesterday, today I called CPD at the time of the illegal parking.
  • 160 Broadway Cambridge, Massachusetts - The Port

    Hi Cambridge, it's Ian, are you listening?

    Once again there are trucks parking in the bicycle lane on Broadway between Hampshire St and Galileo Galilei Way. I've attached a picture of the truck showing the license plate, as well as the back of a sign that says:


    I think the sign is pretty clear, no stopping means no stopping, right? But the trucks are stopping and obstructing traffic. So let's take some action. I'd like to either see some bollards put up to prevent trucks from stopping here, or I'd like to see you removing the bike lane striping and put a "LOADING ZONE" sign in so that everyone is aware that this is a legal loading zone. I'd prefer bollards, but let's be real here, if you'd rather this stretch of road be a loading zone that's fine, just mark it as such so I expect to have to fight for my life while biking through this critical connector to Kendall Square.

    I don't want a generic "This is being looked into" response. I'd like to talk to someone about what we can do to take some serious action here. If you're interested in bollards but not convinced they'll help let's trial it with orange traffic cones for a week.

  • 6th St Cambridge, MA, USA - East Cambridge
    I find it incredibly hard to find parking on 6th St as residents are using space savers (chairs, stools, trash can) to reserve shoveled parking spots.
  • 2 Brookline Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - The Port

    Central Square is a wonderfully busy hub of commercial activity, and as such, it is understandable that there is a lot of vehicle traffic.

    Alongside this high vehicle traffic is high bike traffic.

    The large number of drivers and riders only means the chances of accidents increase when (and not if) bikers have to merge into the vehicle lane to get around a vehicle obstructing.

    No one has ever seen TPTD really do any sort of bike lane obstruction enforcement even during the day when they're working - only parking.

    Therefore, this sort of enforcement falls onto CPD, even though it sucks and is boring paperwork! CPD already has 2 Central Square units with the standard complement of route and sector cars, and now with the substation soon-to-be, lots of Central Bike units!

    CPD, please encourage your officers, especially the CBs, who themselves will bike in the bike lane, to take an occasional bike around Mass Ave, and have cars moved along.


  • 104 Mount Auburn Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - West Cambridge

    I appreciate that the eastbound bike lane on Mt Auburn near the intersection with JFK was repainted this year so that it is easier to see. However, closer to Eliot Street, the bike lane just sort of materializes out of the parking lane, and the former bike lane is truncated (see attached annotated Google Street View photo).

    Is there any way to fix this so there is one continuous bike lane from Eliot St. to JFK? Or is the bike lane from Eliot Square being removed for some reason?

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    70 Montgomery Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - North Cambridge
    I am wondering why the sidewalk between 70 & 72 Montgomery St. has a modified street sign: "TOW AWAY ZONE." (see picture). It seems like a perfectly legal parking spot for the resident.
  • 100 Cambridge Park Dr Cambridge, MA 02140, USA - North Cambridge
    Are you serious with this? Quit parking city trucks in protected bike lanes.
  • Dana Park Cambridge, Massachusetts - Cambridgeport
    there are a few issues to address at Dana Park
    - the paint on many gates and posts is peeling very bad
    - the rubber pavement where the water park will be this summer is raised on some of the perimeter and kids keep tripping on it
    - the spinning playground equipment next to the sandbox area is stuck and does not spin anymore, somehow the mechanism is not working, can someone check on that?
    thanks in advance, it is a beautiful park and it's worth keeping it in good shape
  • 147 Hampshire Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - Wellington-Harrington

    UPS Truck parked, poorly, in a handicapped spot and completely obstructing the bike lane. I called CPD and was transferred "to a police officer" who transferred me back to the same dispatcher, who finally transferred me to a Lieutenant when I pointed out transferring me in circles is silly.

    Is there a specific person in the Cambridge City Government who is working to address issues like this? If I tried to park like this in my own car it'd be ticketed and towed instantly, so why is it ok for a business to do this? Wouldn't it be better to just install some more loading zones on Hampshire St to meet this need?

  • 1517 Cambridge Street Cambridge Massachusetts - Mid-Cambridge
    The traffic cone was moved and people are parking in the bike lane
  • 1585 Massachusetts Ave Cambridge, Massachusetts - Agassiz-Harvard
    Can someone in City Planning please work with Harvard Law to have them establish an Uber Pick up in the circular driveway on their property across from Waterhouse Street? With the protected bike lanes, when events let out, as one did yesterday around 4:45 pm, ubers stop in the driving lane closest to the protected bike lane, pedestrians start cutting across bike lanes with their luggage seemingly without knowing whose uber it is and frequently with outlook looking first: bikes, cars and pedestrians are all in peril as all traffic comes to a sudden halt.
  • 1991 Massachusetts Ave Cambridge, Massachusetts - North Cambridge
    Please install more bike parking near St James Episcopal Church on the sidewalk. This is the most common approach for cyclists - As it stands, on Sunday mornings, parishioners who bike to church end up competing for the single bike post or have to walk 10 minutes and park in Porter Square. Several posts could easily be put to good use during the week and there is a large amount of sidewalk to work with.