Cambridge Traffic, Parking and Transportation Department

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  • 77–79 Sherman St Cambridge 02140 United States - Neighborhood 9
    Saint Peter’s baseball field - bleachers near parking lot have some new boards—the lowest new board is NOT NAILED ONTO THE FRAME. Very dangerous if someone steps on the end
  • 137 Hampshire St Cambridge, MA, 02139, USA - Wellington-Harrington
    Resident called to report that the tree adjacent to parking lot 10 near her house at 237 Hampshire is breaking up gravel and roots are growing onto her property
  • 16 Shea Rd Cambridge, MA, 02140, USA - North Cambridge
    The city placed a temporary No Parking sign in front of 16 Shea Road, for tree work on Tuesday 11/24. The temporary cone holding the sign tipped over, the sign ripped, the sign is now on the ground and not really doing anything to warn people to not park here on Tuesday 11/24. Please replace the sign and temporary pole with something that does not tip over and rip.
  • 359 Rindge Avenue Cambridge, MA, 02140, USA - North Cambridge
    This is a follow up to a request I sent a few days ago at the McCrehan pool on Rindge Av., North Cambridge. I was hoping to put up several photos, as I am sure there is little or no standing what during the hours Public Works are around. This picture is what is running off into the parking lot. There is also water draining into the playground and under the picnic tables. This is in addition to the grass being saturated, as I mentioned before. The ID number on my last post is 10078582. Thank you, Patricia Caldwell/
  • 143 Thorndike St Cambridge 02141, United States - East Cambridge
    Would it be possible to have somebody prune the tree in front of 143 Thorndike and also the one in the library parking lot that touches 143 Thorndike? My contractor suggested that these be pruned To help with a maintenance issue. Thank you so much
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    884 Massachusetts Ave Cambridge, MA, 02139, USA - Riverside
    Resident called to report that the bag/signage at the temporary bus stop at 884 Mass. Ave. has been removed and now people are parking there and the buses can't stop at the stop.
  • 84 Brattle St Cambridge, MA, 02138, USA - West Cambridge

    The payment for the parking has been paid and not expired, but was omitted by the parking enforcement officer. The time of parking was 8:22 am and paid for a 2 hours parking time. The ticket was given out at 8:49 am, but the time limit that we paid for has not yet exceeded the limit.


  • 166 Prospect St Cambridge, MA, 02139, USA - The Port
    large tree fallen covering about 2 parking spots of space
  • 222-248 Bent St Cambridge, MA, 02141, USA - East Cambridge
    Snow piled in street blocks access to parking area
  • Beacon St Somerville, MA, 02143, USA - Cambridge
    There is tree debris obstructing the sidewalk and one or two parking place along the Cambridge side of Beacon Street between Park Street and Properzi Way
  • 18 Pine St Cambridge 02139, United States - The Port
    Please re-open ticket # 6839605
    filed on 10/17/19 and read it for updates. The tree limb is still dangerously hanging suspended on the kid swings.
  • 24 Washburn Avenue Cambridge, MA, 02140, USA - North Cambridge
    This sign is not official and cars not parking near it and causes parking shortage. Please remove it. Thank you.