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  • Bike Rack Request Acknowledged
    Bondir 279 Broadway, Cambridge, MA, 02139, USA - The Port
    Longfellows/Lamplighter is a popular destination but there are no bike racks besides a small one that only fits two bikes. It would be great to have a real bike rack here. I am actually sitting in the coffee shop and have seen numerous people come by on bike and not have a place to leave it. It would be great to put a rack maybe in the parking place out front. After all, a bike rack would fit at least 10 bikes while the parking space only fits one car. It would allow for many more custumers for local businesses!
  • 319 Webster Ave Cambridge, MA 02141, USA - Cambridge
  • 1420 Massachusetts Ave Cambridge, MA 02138, USA - Mid-Cambridge
    Cambridge Police Officer on traffic detail (see citation book left on dash board) can't be bothered to park in a legal parking space. He could have at least parked with enough care to not needlessly block the bike lane. You do a great job on other aspects of law enforcement, so I don't get the complete lack of care and professionalism here. How hard is it to walk a block from a parking garage?
  • 129 Franklin St Cambridge, MA, 02139, USA - Cambridgeport
    On Monday morning Nov 9, ~7:00 AM, a car (or truck) with an extremely loud loudspeaker announced alternate side of the street parking warnings for street cleaning up and down the neighborhood. This non-emergency public announcement woke up my child - and probably every other child in the area - well before they needed to be woken up for remote schooling. If you must provide them, please confine these obnoxious, roving announcements to business hours (9A-5P) and don't wake up the whole neighborhood at the crack of dawn. Thank you.
  • 150 Cambridgepark Drive Cambridge, Massachusetts - North Cambridge
    New bike lanes on Cambridgepark drive are next to sidewalk, with car parking to left of bike lane. On 10/28/16 at 8:15 AM a Crown Uniform Service truck was parked in bike lane, blocking cyclists. Due to illegally parked Crown truck in front, legally parked cars to left, and sidewalk to right, cyclists were blocked in. Vehicle has Mass plates S46 320.
  • Matignon Rd Cambridge, MA - North Cambridge
    Cars use this street as a short cut from Mass Ave with speed > 20mph in spite of 2 schools on the st + one ederly home.
    Could you please install :
    • A raised crosswalk at the middle part of Matignon Rd
    • A speed trap
    Also it is getting harder and harder to park on the street for residents. Could you please enforce parking restriction ?
    Thank you for your help.
  • Hampshire St & Norfolk St Cambridge, MA, 02139, USA - Cambridge

    Another day, another blockage on my route to work. This was a new one.

    Apparently these 8 vehicles are parked in the bike lane because their owners are attending a funeral across the street. What's unclear to me is why they absolutely had to park there, when there's a parking lot literally right next to them (in front of Fitness Together, and another church) and another one right on the corner with Elm St.

    Why should we endanger the living to honor the dead?

  • 47 Loughrey Walkway Cambridge, MA 02142, USA - East Cambridge

    brand new two way cycle track being blocked for a delivery during morning commute hours with police support. 1/10/19 @ 0836

    Cambridge contacted Arlington officer 466 to "watch the area. I asked the officer for more details and was told that the Forman on sight has a permit. I asked for the permit number but they were unable to provide it.

    Why is the city issuing permits to block separated bike facility's during commute times, esp with out providing a safe alternative. this is the worst time to do this and puts the most people at risk. if this was the "best" location, the whole block of the cycle should have been closed with "detour" and "bikes can use full lane" signs used. There is near by parking that could have been used that would have been lower impact on commuters and other citizens in the area, why was that not explored? The officer on sight was just watching the people work, he made no effort to make sure that commuters, pedestrians, or workers were making safe decisions with this unmarked and bad use of space. several people almost collided due to blind spots that were made from the large truck that had no business being there.

  • Other Archived
    1–99 Cleveland St Cambridge MA 02138, United States - Mid-Cambridge
    People in Dana Street 29 keep blocking Cleveland street with cones so that their kids can play there They leave the cones out even when the kids are not there anymore forcing drivers to stop, get out of the car and move the cones out of the way I fully understand protecting kids but blocking a street and parking spots??
  • 97 Cambridgepark Dr Cambridge, MA 02140, USA - North Cambridge
    completely unusable, can't enter or exit the cleared sections of the lane due to legally parked cars and the snow piles that create the blockages.
  • 30–98 Scott St Cambridge 02138, United States - Agassiz-Harvard

    So I submitted your request a while ago, but there is none of signage on the counter flow turn onto Scott St. The response was that it was signage that, but as I pointed out the request the cars coming from scott and Beacon in both directions have no awareness.

    The one sign you have only tells cyclist that they can go down Scott Street there is no awareness for cars, especially cars coming out of Scott and turning left onto Beacon who have no idea that place you’re coming straight across to the counter flow which looks like a parking line at best

    You’re setting up collision points that don’t have to be there, add better sign

    I got honked at by an suv coming out to Scott st tonight and had I not yielded to him turning left when I had the right away he would’ve hit me

  • SPACE SAVER Archived
    117-119 Spring St Cambridge, MA 02141, USA - East Cambridge
    in what comes as no surprise to anyone, space savers are once again rampant in east Cambridge. No one respects this law, because it is nearly completely unenforced. when it is enforced, it is FAR TOO LATE, these space savers MUST be removed immediately following a snow storm. When the city waits a week or more, the damage is done. Space savers remove parking throughout the area for hours of the day. It is unnecessary and litters the street with TRASH. My hope is that someday, Cambridge will take this problem seriously instead of ignoring it each year. Complaints about Space savers are constant every year, yet nothing changes. There is trash in our street, which leads to rats and other vermin. Not to mention retaliation from neighbors as we see happen each year. PLEASE, PLEASE, DO SOMETHING.