Cambridge Traffic, Parking and Transportation Department

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  • Pothole Archived
    3 Amory Place Cambridge MA - Mid-Cambridge
    A sinkhole has opened near the water main at the end of Amory Place. On Fri, it was about 4in in diameter, and now it's opened to be about 1ft diameter and looks to be at least 2ft deep
  • Fuller Pl & Hilliard St Cambridge, MA, 02138, USA - West Cambridge
    The is a street light that illuminates the parking area of Fueller Place and the back parking lot of the Loeb.
  • Other Archived
    88 Hancock Street Cambridge, MA 02139, United States of America - Mid-Cambridge
    Bike locked to handicap parking sign.
  • 181 Harvard St Cambridge, Massachusetts - The Port
    Many people in this apartment building use bicycles to commute. Bike parking is scarce especially in the summer months
  • 701–731 Cambridge St Cambridge MA 02141, United States - Wellington-Harrington
    Why pull in the parking spot after all?
  • 2254 Massachusetts Avenue Cambridge, MA - North Cambridge
    Entrance to church parking lot across from 7-11 convenient store
  • 9 Hollis Street Cambridge, MA - North Cambridge
    Church parking lot entrance on Hollis St
  • 1-99 Aberdeen Avenue Cambridge, MA - West Cambridge
    At the intersection of Aberdeen and Mt. Auburn - across from the cemetery - the pedestrian push button does not prompt the safe cross signal. Pedestrian had tried it 3 or 4 times and it never gave the safety alert.
  • Hoyt Field Cambridge, Massachusetts - Riverside
    Not a commuter lot for Harvard construction workers. Daily issue!
  • 22 Highland Street Cambridge, MA 02138-2706, United States of America - West Cambridge
    City put up signs for no parking on Highland near Appleton for tree work today. The signs did not indicate a complete road closure. And it is halfway down the street you don't see the street is closed until you drive halfway down. Then the construction guys are blocking you so you can't make a U-turn easily to get back to Sparks Street. Please fix this. Don't they need a special permit to completely close the road during rush hour?
  • 201-217 5th St Cambridge, MA, 02142, USA - East Cambridge
    Parked against yellow curb in no stopping zone. Partially blocking driveway to business. Making turning in and out of business parking lot. There are a total of three cars parked against yellow curb but two of them park there every day and apparently no one cares. Ironic considering it's one block from the police station.
  • 16 Blakeslee St Cambridge 02138 United States - West Cambridge
    This tree had a gator bag last summer and the trunk is still a small diameter and only a few branches have leaves. Is it possible to reinstall a gator bag for this summer? We are watering the tree when we can.