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  • 166 Hampshire St Cambridge, Massachusetts - The Port

    Moving Truck blocking the bike lane, called CPD but the dispatcher was incredibly dismissive of me. I get that there's a permit for a "Moving Van", but it's a permit to block parking spots, not roadway. My preferred option would be for the moving company to bring an appropriately sized vehicle for the permitted space, but it's probably not a feasible option. If that's the smallest "moving van" they have can we at least get a "Bike Lane Closed Ahead" sign and some cones out to let road users know that we're essentially merging from two lanes to one?


  • 30–98 Scott St Cambridge 02138, United States - Agassiz-Harvard

    So I submitted your request a while ago, but there is none of signage on the counter flow turn onto Scott St. The response was that it was signage that, but as I pointed out the request the cars coming from scott and Beacon in both directions have no awareness.

    The one sign you have only tells cyclist that they can go down Scott Street there is no awareness for cars, especially cars coming out of Scott and turning left onto Beacon who have no idea that place you’re coming straight across to the counter flow which looks like a parking line at best

    You’re setting up collision points that don’t have to be there, add better sign

    I got honked at by an suv coming out to Scott st tonight and had I not yielded to him turning left when I had the right away he would’ve hit me

  • 262 Main Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - Mit
    This driver left his car in the bike lane while using the BofA branch.
  • 2 Beech St Cambridge, MA 02140, USA - North Cambridge

    Beech Street is currently posted no trucks, coming from either Mass Ave or from Elm Street.

    However, this is now the *only* route for truck deliveries from Mass Ave to the Porter Square Shopping Center (including Star Market, Tags Hardware, and Michaels). These stores have loading docks on Davenport Street — which has just become one-way from Saginaw Ave to Mass Ave. That means delivery trucks must now enter Davenport Street from Elm Street to get to the loading docks. Beech Street is the only way for the trucks to get there, especially from Mass Ave southbound (coming from Route 2).

    Realistically, Beech Street was already a truck route before this, and not only judging by how many trucks take it every day despite the signs. It's not just that it is wide enough (two-way traffic with street parking on both sides). There is a traffic light with a dedicated left turn signal from Mass Ave southbound onto Beech Street; and then there is a very wide right turn lane from Beech Street onto Elm Street leading directly to Davenport Street. Beech Street also carries MBTA route 96 in both directions and has bus stops on both sides, with buses arriving at either stop every 15-20 minutes during peak hours.

    It seems like the city intended this to be a truck route, and just forgot to remove these signs at some point. Thanks!

  • 320 Webster Ave Cambridge 02141, United States - Wellington-Harrington
    Daily issue with cars/trucks from clm and Phil's towing parking on sidewalk and bike lane. I get Cambridge police don't care about our city bc they don't live here, but can't the people who issue tickets for expired meters or street cleaning make the city extra money and increase safety by having these crooks towed
  • Fireworks Archived
    6 Dickinson St Cambridge, MA, 02139, USA - The Port
    Every evening , before the change of police shifts ; around 10:30 , numerous kids light off fireworks outside my children’s bedroom in the parking lot of the office building on the corner of broadway and Moore sts- the parking lot entrance is on Moore st - I am so sick of them waking up my kids especially the baby - I have cakes numerous times but nothing is being done - sometimes it can last 15-25 minutes of non stop noise - can you please do something ???? I’m losing my self control
  • 160 Broadway Cambridge, Massachusetts - The Port

    Another bike lane obstruction in the same place as last time, right in front of the Draper Lab loading dock. Also, for the record, it appears that the loading dock did have space for the truck to park safely off the street.

    I called CPD, where a dispatcher quite rudely said "This is T&P's problem" and forwarded me to a very long phone menu tree. When I finally got through to an operator at T&P they were quite polite, and happy to send an agent to ticket, but had no idea of how to record this as yet another data point, so here I am doing that right now. Please, Obstructed Bike Lanes should be treated as a priority (but obviously not emergency) dispatch. I shouldn't have to listen to a long phone tree to report it, that wastes valuable minutes to get an officer to the scene to attempt to educate the vehicle's operator.

    Finally, yet again, I'm going to request that you do something, anything really, at this location to prevent trucks from obstructing the bike lane. Again, I'd love to see a simple experiment done with a few skinny, tall, orange traffic cones lining the bike lane. It's cheap, easy, and not permanent if it doesn't work. I see no reason why we can't try this out for a few days (unless it's heavy snow, of course!).

    Also, can we get an official "Who to call?" number, preferably just one number 24/7, so I don't need to remember if a particular office is open or not. CPD's non-emergency dispatch seems like the proper place for that, but probably not if the dispatchers are going to be rude to callers.

  • 1 Alewife Ctr Cambridge 02140, United States - North Cambridge
    This construction site uses these well travelled bike lanes for truck parking every morning and it’s a major hazard.
  • Russell Field/Dudley&Clifton Cambridge, Massachusetts - North Cambridge
    Now that fall sports started, the illegal parking on the park green grass space accessed from Clifton Str -- by the youth coaches/parents ? -- has started. Yesterday, a car was driving down the pedestrian path -- where there is no place for pedestrians to jump out of the way because of the park construction. And at least 3 other cars were already parked illegally. PLEASE -- EVEN WHEN THIS IS HAPPENING IN NON M-F 9-5 HOURS -- PLEASE CONTROL THE ILLEGAL PARKING AS IT'S NOT A ROAD, IT'S A PEDESTRIAN PATH. (Thanks and I didn't mean to shout.)
  • Other Archived
    35 Cambridge, MA 02142, USA - Mit
    Can a ticket be issued based on this photo? I know Cambridge police is allowed to ticket on photos. This Uber driver refused to leave the bike lane. I pulled over to inform him that this was dangerous. He told me that "you cyclists are no saints", asked me "where [my] ticket book is", and then rolled up his window and stayed. Since he doesn't think he did anything wrong due to the lack of a ticket, can we help him out on that front?
  • One Broadway Cambridge, Massachusetts - Mit

    Six cars parked in the new striped bike lane.
    Second day in a row I've reported it to the CPD.

    Can we please get:
    • TP&T to put up some temporary cones and signage to educate drivers
    • CPD to do directed enforcement on this for a few days?

    Thank you!

    Sorry I didn't have time to report this on SCF yesterday (or to take a photo), but I did call 3300 and request $0 tickets. Did they get issued?

  • 1249 Cambridge St Cambridge, MA, 02139, USA - Wellington-Harrington

    A while ago it was decided to make part of Cambridge st one-way, and with very little parking, at significant negative impact to local traffic, so that local businesses may enjoy greater customer flow safely by having outdoor seating. I have accepted this imposition without protest due to the solid rationale.

    However, today, a good weather weekday during lunch time, there is still no seating at any local establishment, they are all take-out only, and it seems we made all these changes only to create a reserved parking of sorts...

    Given that local businesses are not using the space as intended, the public's full traffic usage of Cambridge street should be restored.