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  • Dundee Street Fall River, MA - Fall River
    Street is horrendous. It has never been paved despite numerous requests and rarely if ever plowed in its 20 plus years of existence. A shame!!!
  • Dundee Street Fall River, MA - Fall River
    hardly ever a plow ever hits this street and it has still yet to be paved in its twenty years in existence.
  • Eastern Ave & Bedford St Fall River, MA - Fall River
    the lights on the corner of eastern ave and bedford st need to be changed. going down eastern ave and taking a left turn on a green light than the traffic light on the other side changes to green cuzing numerous accidents at that corner. Seen plenty of car accidents (cars going into the Hess Gas Station after being wrecked) there as well as I've seen a motorcycle going down to avoid getting hit (luckily no one hurt)
  • 2100 South Main St Fall River, MA - Fall River
    Night after night, after night, i have witnessed obvious drug deals being made by quick action (person walks up to car that just pulls up; pkgs. are passed - money and/drugs; cars speed away. A lot of these dealers then enter Mitchell Heights "visiting" residents and then go back out for more deals. This happens mostly on Friday nights and Sat. nights., but also during the day. It is appalling.
    Mitchell Heights is Federal Housing for the elderly. OUTRAGEOUS to have to put up with this in our vicinity. A lot of these people have key-card access provided to them by housing residents who are also on drugs. This has to be investigated by the Housing Authority police and the regular vice police. Check it out on a weekend and see for yourself. The bus stop in front of the building is a great site for these skanks to keep warm and litter while they wait for their "special delivery".
    Tips have been called in and nothing seems to be done. It takes time, I know, but this has been going on for over 3 yrs now and I am sick of it.
  • Run Down dirty, and unsafe playgrounds. , Fall River, MA - Fall River
    Theswings are broken, wooden stairs leading to the slides are cracked and loose, the slides are filthy with alcohol bottles, cigaretts, condoms and crack pipes! There is provane writings all over the benches and slides. Just because these young children have no complaints about the horrid conditions of these parks, or the understanding that it is unsafe, doesn"t mean that their needs should be ignored. They are members of the community and should be able to have a safe place to play.
  • Fall River Fall River, MA - Fall River
    Verizon is on strike affecting hundreds of local families.....Why NO coverage from HN regarding the issues surrounding the strike????
  • Woodman And Bay Street Fall River, MA - Fall River
    People park vehicles on too close to corner on both sides of the street making it hard to come up or down Woodman St. Parking should be stopped from the corner to the first driveway on the south side !Reported to the city over a year ago without any change !
  • Woodman & South Main Street Fall River, MA - Fall River
    Flooring Company park vehicles on sidewalk and to the edge of the drive way making people walk in the street coming up Woodman St. Reported to City over a year ago !
  • Ruggles Park/Columbus Park Fall River, MA - Fall River
    Well a single swing was replaced at columbus park WOW could they spare it??? still can more be done? I know it is the older kids ruining the playgrounds Parents keep your kids in chek!!!
  • Dundee Street Fall River, MA - Fall River
    never plowed - pot holes big enough to swim in.
  • 111-123 Covel St Fall River, MA 02723, USA - Fall River
    Always a loud commotion on Covel Street between Doyle and Donnelly streets from 8 pm to 3 am almost every night. Police need to patrol this street at night. You can't even sleep. This is because of the project on County street and the project on N. Rocliffe street.
  • Stafford Rd. jefferson st., Fall River, MA - Fall River
    streets. Where is that fancy machine that we paid for? Can somone at the Mayors office answer
    this extremely difficult question?