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    94 Gagnon St Fall River , Massachusetts - Fall River
    It's been 90 days since I reported a large pothole. This is unacceptable.
  • 93 Clarkson Street Fall River, Massachusetts - Fall River
    Due to the addition of the new development in the old belisle school site a fence has been installed at the end of clarkson st. in past years snow was plowed down into the former school yard, now with the addition of the fence there is a mound of snow the size of a mid size pick up truck at the end of the street. This pile is growing in size at a rapid pace with all the recent storms. With that being said it is beginning to block of my driveway. This snow mound needs to be removed from the end of the street with a front end loader or something of the sort. I need to be able to access my driveway.
  • Pothole Open
    263 Pine Fall River, Massachusetts - Fall River
  • Pothole Open
    39 Carver St Fall River, Massachusetts - Fall River
    i bent my wheel & popped my tire getting deeper
  • Pothole Open
    187 Pitman St Fall River, Massachusetts - Fall River
  • Dwelly Street carlton veveiros elementary school, Fall river, Massachusetts - Fall River
    from tuesday, 10 feb. to wednesday, 11 feb there were numerous illegally parked vehicles in the school bus only pu/do lanes of veiveiros elem. school on dwelly street. this occured during at the am drop off and pm pickup times. in addition there were numerous piles of snow in the designated bus areas, many sidewalks not cleared. this environment has been extremely dangerous going to and from school for students walking , being dropped off and picked up in cars and school buses. school buses have to wait in the middle of the street because of the illegally parkedcars and snow piles blocking them. chiildren are walkiing between school buses out into traffic because sidewalks are full of snow. this can be extremely dangerous and is a disaster waiting to happen. dwelly street is a two way street with cars going up and down,trying to go around school buses inthe middle of the street. its areal traffic nightmare , particularly with pedestrians and children walking in the street. sidewalks need te be cleaned,illegally parked vehicles ticketed or towed, and clear the bus parking lanes from excessive snow
  • 295 Newhall St Fall River Massachusetts - Fall River
    the roads are deplorable, streets are too narrow and there's no place to move over for another vehicle. snow needs to be removed to make room for other storms like R.I. is doing. This is the worst job this city has done.
  • 1675 President Avenue Fall River, Massachusetts - Fall River
    The sidewalk around St. Anne's Credit Union on President Ave has not been cleared. This is hazardous for the kids walking from Durfee and Spencer Borden. I saw a teen almost get hit by a car because they were trying to get through the snow and almost fell into the street
  • 490-518 Stevens St Fall River, Massachusetts - Fall River
    There are only 2 street lights in this area and the first one on the right as you drive in the cul de sac always turns on & off (most of the time it appears to be off). There are kids who play outside at night and that's dangerous especially when cars who don't live in that area drive in fast around the corner. If the light stayed on all the time it would be much safer. Also those 2 lights dont have the new brighter bulbs like the rest of the street lights do now. If those lights had the new bulbs, the whole cul de sac would be brighter and safer for kids, drivers and the residents.
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    Garden Street Fall River, Massachusetts - Fall River
    The side of the street where parking is allowed hasn't ever been plowed. There is 3 weeks of snow piled up and parking is getting harder and harder. This street needs to be plowed so cars that need to park can. Please plow during the day while cars are off the road!!!
  • 171 Laurel St Fall River, MA 02724, USA - Fall River
    Big numerous potholes, road is very treacherous
  • 161 Underwood Street Fall River, Massachusetts - Fall River
    Pothole needs repair between 161 underwood st and Lincoln ave in Fall River, ma. Also sidewalk crumbling outside 161 underwood st, at end of driveway, making it difficult for pedestrians. Crews working to fill some potholes, but not all are being done.