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    Bedford Fall River, Massachusetts - Fall River
    You tried to fill in a pothole a the corner of Bedford St and Oak Grove Ave and it is more like a sink hole not a pothole. The tar you put in is just going down further into the hole and it is getting worse. This needs to be adjusted and further looked into. The cover up work did not go well at all. In just 2 days in went from sort of flat back into a gap in the street and that was 2 days later. Not sure on how much more it went into today.
  • Pothole Open
    Lindseystreet FALL RIVER, Massachusetts - Fall River
  • Pothole Open
    Moorland Street Fall River, Massachusetts - Fall River
    due to construction on woodward there are huge pot holes that were never repaired and moorland is fill with holes that are continually sinking.
  • Pothole Open
    John St Fall River, Massachusetts - Fall River
    craters on the street