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Watching issues created after: 2011-10-23

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  • Corner Martine St And Eastern Ave Fall River, MA - Fall River
    signage almost invisible: the "no turn on red sign" for those at intersection facing west is not visible when stopped at light because it is on the north east corner of the intersection. It should be facing the intersection on the west side of eastern ave.
  • 366 492 King Philip St Fall River, MA - Fall River
    The park is a disgrace of a park as it is we don't need drugs/dealers for the children to see.Fix the park and detail park hourly
  • Beach St Fall River, MA - Fall River
    needs more sand and salt and more plowing and do not block peoples driveway
  • 518 S Main St Fall River, MA 02721, USA - Fall River
    loud motorcycles relentlessly roaring up and down South Main Street and gunning bikes especially between South Street and Nicks Hot Dogs
    This has been known to happen throught the day weekdays especially after 12:30 pm;after midnight,and especially on weekends and may have something to do with the people hanging out in front of the barbershop and late in the evening to people hanging out in cars in the area.
  • Drug Dealer Archived
    St Mary St @ Suffolk St Fall River, MA - Fall River
    White male who lives on Suffolk Street selling drugs on corner several times a day.
  • 33 Quequechan Street Fall River, Massachusetts - Fall River
    Last night someone tagged the rear of the building with the letter "J" in black spray paint and 2 bullet holes in red paint.
  • Berkley Street Fall River, MA 02724, USA - Fall River
    Overgrown weeds coming from both apartment building and run down garage can barely walk by the sidewalk and also asphalt on sidewalk been there since the winter almost fell multiple times
  • Corner Of Grant And Hope Sts Fall River, MA - Fall River
    theres no stop sign for people coming up Grant street, and cars traveling on Hope street can't see past the DENSELY parked cars to be able to see that no cars are coming.
  • Inspections Archived
    1197 Robeson St. Fall River, MA - Fall River
    The Fall River Housing Authority is ignoring our elevators again. The elevators are supposed to be inspected every year, according to Massachusetts law, but some of ours are over four months past due. If I drove my car with an expired inspection sticker and got caught, I would have to pay a fine, but the FRHA never gets so much as a slap on the wrist. If the elevators weren't unsafe, why do they refuse to have them inspected?
  • pot holes Archived
    994 Jefferson Street FALL RIVER, MA - Fall River
    Need to repair potholes near wooden bridge!
  • The parks Archived
    The Playgrounds And Basketball Courts Fall River, MA - Fall River
    The playgrounds are broken down.The courts have potholes and the rims have no nets and there bent.Do it for the kids.
  • 1459 Plymouth Av Fall River, MA - Fall River
    the light at plymouth av and slade st need lane lines and arrows painted on the ground, nobody gets in the correct lane and near collisions multiple times daily...signs would also be helpful to get everybody in the correct lanes