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Watching issues created after: 2011-10-24

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  • 411 W. Arapaho - Richardson
    Slagovich doing dirty deals in COR
  • President George Bush Tpke Richardson, TX - Richardson
    this happens usually from 10 pm till 2 am. Numerous examples can be heard from the neighborhoods by custer and plano parkway.
  • Dip in road Archived
    1360-1438 W Shore Dr Richardson, TX 75080, USA - Richardson
    Deep dip in northbound side of Westshore runs across the street east to west.
  • Polk St & Walton Richardson, TX - Richardson
    Street light is burned out, very dark.
  • 1835-1999 Nantucket Dr Richardson, TX 75080, USA - Richardson
    This light will not change when you pull up to it. This light also takes too long to change when you do finally get on the pad in the right spot. Is there any way to speed up the light to change for Nantucket to go Northbound? In addition to that is it possible to adjust the pads so it will notice cars are waiting. Thanks very much.
  • Water leak Archived
    618 Melrose Dr Richardson, TX 75080 - Richardson
    Water is leaking out of this area. Not gushing out but you can see it going down the drain. Mesquitos are everywhere around it.
  • Hartford Dr Richardson, TX 75081 - Richardson
    The main lightpost for Wyndsor Park has been out for several months. It's the tallest lightpost in the park and is over on the west side of the park, just north of the picnic tables, it illuminates most of the west fields.
  • Coventry Dr Richardson, TX - Richardson
    Grafitti and fowl language is spray painted on the recycling bins at Miller Elementary School.
  • Spring Valley Rd Richardson, TX - Richardson
    Spring Valley is quite rough between Coit and Goldmark, especially in the blocks between Maham and Waterview.
  • W Lookout Dr Richardson, TX 75080 - Richardson
    Multiple lights are out from Tam O' Shanter to bridge west (golf course)
  • 1213 Wisteria Way Richardson, TX 75080 - Richardson
    Wisteria Way is a through street in our neighborhood, connecting several cross-streets. At the intersections of Wisteria Way with these cross streets, there are no stop signs, not even yield signs. This presents a very dangerous situation because this is a residential neighborhood. It's a big accident waiting to happen.
  • light out Archived
    741 Sherbrook Dr Richardson, TX 75080 - Richardson
    Street light burned out