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  • 1908 Chestnut Hill Lane Richardson, TX 75082, USA - Richardson
    The sidewalk has sunk 5 inches and no longer is flush with the curb causing a potential tripping obstacle.
  • 1000 Newberry - Richardson
    The 1000 block of Newberry just south of Arapaho is uneven, cracked and potholes perhaps from the heavy trucks going to Tom Thumb.
  • 1755-1899 E Campbell Rd Richardson, TX 75082, USA - Richardson
    NW corner of Campbell Rd and Yale Blvd: Large bush overhangs sidewalk, blocks vision of vehicles, walkers, baby strollers, bike riders - please cut down or Major trim the bush - walkers must almost walk into Campbell Rd, vehicles headed S on Yale cannot see walkers, bike riders coming on sidewalk from west, walkers-bikess riders cannot see vehicles on Yale or Campbell - very dangerous situation.
  • Alma Rd Richardson, TX 75080, USA - Richardson
    Heading North, the sidewalk on the runs along the east side of Alma abruptly ends just after the apartments and before the railroad tracks. This leads the bicycle rider or pedestrian into a VERY HAZARDOUS situation in which they are forced onto Alma. There's no shoulder and the automobiles move very fast and aggressively. Please complete this sidewalk to the North end of George Bush. Thank you!
  • Street Light Archived
    4800 Ravendale Dr Richardson, TX - Richardson
    The street lamp is out in front of 4800 Ravendale Dr in Richardson.
  • 1490 Dumont Dr Richardson, TX 75080 - Richardson
    The traffic light at Dumont and Coit has become impossibly slow to cycle in the last year or so. The car detection device does not work and at certain times of the day you can wait more than 5 minutes to turn. At times there are over 25 cars backed up waiting to turn left off Dumont. Some people don't bother waiting and just run the light. It's time to fix this.
  • E Renner Rd Richardson, TX - Richardson
    I've been driving east on Renner between 75 & Shiloh during evening rush hour for 5 years. The lights have always been reasonable. During the last month, someone has changed the timing. You now hit every single red light going eastbound. The cross streets have a green twice as long as Renner. For example, at Jupiter, the Renner green is 0:45 sec and the Jupiter green is 1:50. As a result, Renner backs up for 1/4 mile with zero backup on Jupiter. Please have someone review this.
  • 2927-2999 St Andrews Dr Richardson, TX 75082, USA - Richardson
    Some kind of heavy duty wire lowing by pole.
  • 502 Belt Line Rd Richardson, TX 75080 - Richardson
    South bound Chentral Expwy service road , right turn light is burned out at Belt Line.
  • 1009 N Waterview Dr Richardson, TX 75080, USA - Richardson
    Pushing the pedestrian walk light at the intersection of Arapaho/Waterview does not activate the pedestrian walk light. The traffic light without the pedestrian walk light is too short to be able to walk across Arapaho safely before the light changes.
  • 722 W Spring Valley Rd Richardson, TX 75080, USA - Far North
    street lights west on Spring Valley just when you come out of the the tunnel are out until you get to Waterview. VERY DARK especially in the morning when people are trying to cross the street.
  • 302 Trailridge Dr Richardson, TX - Richardson
    large black graffiti, maybe 10 feet by 12 feet at base of overpass on 75. Go S on W side of 75 access road. About 1-1/2 mile, just before Church Hill Way is graffiti as base of big cement pillar.