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  • 2210 N Coit Rd Richardson, TX 75080, USA - Richardson

    Just north of Campbell (on Coit) as you travel north, the slabs of concrete have sunk on the northern ends of the slab at each joint for approximately one half to 3/4 of a mile. When you drive over them it rattles your teeth & is tearing up my car. The worst area is by the Tom Thumb north toward McCallum & the Texas A&M agricultural extension center.

    the concrete is faulty and in my small car it is tearing up the struts & suspension. in my Hummer H3, which should soak those bumps up, it does not at all) . . . please turn this in! I believe Dallas & Richardson both handle the street there as one side is Dallas and one Richardson until you get to the A&M Agricultural Center then it's Dallas on both sides

  • RR Crossing Archived
    1117 W Lookout Dr Richardson, TX 75080, USA - Richardson
    The railroad crossing EB on Lookout Dr. is damaging to cars and is rapidly getting worse.
  • 1916 E Spring Valley Rd Richardson, TX 75081, USA - Richardson
    The 1900 block of E. Spring Valley East of Springridge all of the street lights are out and have been out for over 2 weeks
  • 526 La Salle Dr Richardson, TX 75081, USA - Richardson
    Swing is broken on swingset at Terrace Park.
  • Oncor Archived
    404 Worcester Way Richardson, TX 75080, USA - Richardson
    Oncor is changing meters with no warning.
  • 334-398 E Polk St Richardson, TX 75081, USA - Richardson
    The intersection of Polk and Abrams is a four-way stop but frequently motorists do not notice the stop signs when traveling either northbound or southbound on Abrams. I am a local resident and pass through this intersection on a daily basis and have witnessed this many times. Seems like a flashing warning light might make a difference.
  • 822-898 Woodland Way Richardson, TX 75080, USA - Richardson
    We noticed spray-painted obscenities on the playground equipment. Also, the small playhouse was contaminated with feces and urine. This was on the weekend of June 4-5, 2011
  • Centenntial From Greenville To College Park - Richardson
    The entire street light system on Centennial from Greenville Ave to College Park are all out about once a month
  • S Interurban At Main St. Richardson , TX - Richardson
    Reported from my mobile device
  • 437 Sandy Trail Richardson, TX - Richardson
    Street light has been burned out for two weeks. Needs to be replaced ASAP.
  • Collins And Campbell Richardson, TX - Richardson


    The left turn signal on Campbell turning onto Collins stays on excessively long. For some reason it always stays on for about 30 seconds despite rarely having anyone turning onto it.

    Can someone take a look at optimizing this? I take the road every day and it seems a little unoptimized.

    Thanks!! I appreciate it.

  • 411 Mossbrook Drive Richardson, TX - Richardson

    In the alley directly behind the driveway of address for 411 Mossbrook Dr., Richardson, TX 75081 a previously repaired pothole has gone back into a sinkhole probably due to trash collection in heavy trucks passing over it. Could you please put it on the schedule to review and repair?

    Thank you!

    Allison McFadden (on behalf of homeowner John C. Abbott)