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  • Renner Road East From Jupiter Road To North Star Road Richardson, Texas - Richardson
    I drive East Renner Road every day and the condition of East Renner Road from Jupiter
    Road to North Star Road still hasn't been repaired. I was excited to see repairs being done on Jupter Road, even though it was annoying, (June 2015), but they stopped basically at Jupiter. The area East of Jupiter still needs to be examined and repaired! These conditions are very hard on my car and very hard and painful on my back! I'm sure other drivers would appreciate Renner Road potholes being fixed also. Thank you...
  • Spring Valley Between S Waterview Dr And Weathered Richardson, Texas - Richardson
    Many sections of Spring Valley Rd between Coit and the tunnel are in bad condition. The section between Weathered and S Waterview is the worst. It hasn't been fixed since I moved here in Dec 2013 when I first noticed it. Please fix it. I have spent way too much money on wheel-alignment on my car. Thank you.
  • 1624-1648 West Shore Drive Richardson, Texas - Richardson
    A jarring (for smaller cars) ridge crosses the entirety of northbound lane on Shore just north of the alley between Fontana and Sherbrook. I sent a request to city long ago and they eventually responded that the matter was to be taken care of, but nothing has been done despite numerous other road issues along Shore having been fixed since.
  • 2100 Lakeside Boulevard Richardson, Texas - Richardson
    Numerous potholes/long cracks btw Campbell Road and entrance to Texans Credit Union northbound and hotel southbound to Campbell
  • Carrington Drive And Warwick Richardson, Texas - Richardson
    Stop sign at Carrington and Warwick is loose and unstable due to neighborhood kids trying to knock it down. Now it's in a dangerous stance and could fall on someone or something. Please fix immediately before these school kids take it down.
  • 175-199 South Yale Boulevard Richardson, Texas - Richardson
    The 30 mile per hour speed sign as fallen and need to be screwed on right
  • 3805 Bradshaw Drive Richardson, Texas - Richardson
    this portion is riddled with pot holes and uneven road surface
  • Cullum / Waterview Richardson, Texas - Richardson
    people swerve to miss it. Wont use this lane, then cut in at last minute to make right onto campbell. It's a safety issure during rush hour. Please repair.
  • Campbell And Collins Richardson, TX - Richardson
    Light is not changing for southbound traffic
  • Pothole Open
    2600 East Renner Road Richardson, Texas - Richardson
    A new pothole at the turn from President George Bush Hwy turn onto east bound Renner.
  • Alma And George Bush Richardson, TX - Richardson
    Left turn arrow timed for eastbound GBF traffic reversing direction to westbound GBF. Arrow superfluous; traffic can use under-GBF U-turn lane. Request adjust arrow for northbound Alma traffic turning on to westbound GBF.