Morton Borough

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Morton Borough, PA

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  • E.Leamy/Baltimore Pk - Springfield
    Does not allow enough time on weekends for traffic to clear going from leamy/providence rd to Baltimore pk time of green light needs to be extended.
  • 6-22 Yale Ave PA 19070, USA - Morton
    Nearly every day kids are smoking pot on the train platform and throwing rocks at cars and the buidings in the area. Nothing is done.
  • 1004-1036 Providence Rd Morton, PA 19070, USA - Morton
    The intersection of Morton Ave/Stoney Creek Dr and Providence Road has huge deep potholes. They have been poorly patched several times and are in even worse condition now. The same condition exists at the intersection of Morton & Locust Aves at the stop sign headed northbound. PLEASE FIX THESE POTHOLES!!!
  • Woodland Ave Springfield, PA - Morton
    The bjs parking lot and sidewalk when u walk into the store is in BAD shape!! It is horrible coming out with your cart full of items & getting stuck in the cracks in lot! How come the springfield township inspectors doesn't have this gigantic money making store to have this fixed & paved??? I know the township would fine residents if they don't fix our own sidewalks!!!! Can u do something about it??? Or is click it fix it a bunch of crock??? Next time I will upload pictures when I go!! Ridiculous !!!
  • 506 N Morton Ave Morton, PA 19070, USA - Morton
    This location is triply bad because repairs to the potholes don't last, then go months without redress, combined with poor rainwater/sewer management from Fairhill Road, and the inability to escape from cars due to a long stone wall and shubbery hemming in the sidewalk - this area is any always-wet disaster for train commuters like me who get soaked by cars splashing through the potholes, and sloshing through the rivers of gushing water.
  • 100-198 N Morton Ave Morton, PA 19070, USA - Morton
    This resident's hedge hangs over half of the width of the sidewalk, narrowing the sidewalk so that only one person can pass at a time. Further, it's infested with poison ivy, and those leaves frequently reach out beyond the hedge itself, threatening exposed skin all summer long.
  • 36-98 S Morton Ave Morton, PA 19070, USA - Morton
    Theres been MANY accidents and its almost impossible to see if your able to turn out of mitchell ave onto morton and theres a daycare!
  • 200-298 N Morton Ave Morton, PA 19070, USA - Morton
    This is going to kill or at least injure someone soon. This box was installed at head-level, sticking out into an uneven, broken sidewalk. This whole area is a trip hazard, but don't look down, or you'll smack your head on this utility box that should be raised three feet to keep from braining someone in the next few months.
  • 34-64 Amosland Rd Morton, PA 19070, USA - Morton
    very nasty word i have to drive past while picking my kids up from catholic school everyday, i mean someone from the township had to seen this
  • 727-759 Baltimore Pike Springfield, PA 19064, USA - Springfield
    Life long resident of springfield. Grew up in a small private town. Now there are cabs loitering in parking lots and increased traffic from NON residents that are causing a fair amount of traffic violations and more importantly ACCIDENTS. Please DO NOT allow springfield to turn into philadelphia!!!! We need more police pulling people over and chasing out these cabs lowering our community! This type of traffic and cab issue would NEVER be tolerated in other towns like swarthmore, glen mills, broomall or even newtown square! Why should we lose out own community that we cherish!!!!!!
  • 15 Woodland Avenue Morton, PA 19070, USA - Morton
    Traffic light at 320 and Baltimore pile is out causing dangerous conditions.
  • 2-1002 Providence Rd Springfield, PA 19070, USA - Morton
    The speed limit on this dangerous curve is 25 and NO ONE abides by it. Cars speed around this curve in both directions all day. There are 6 houses along this short stretch of road that have children from the ages of 1 to 12. I fear greatly for their safety, even when they are on the sidewalks. We need a stop sign, a lower speed limit, SOMEthing to force these drivers to slow down.