3rd Police District

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Watching issues created after: 2011-11-01

This is a watch area for the Philadelphia Police Department, 3rd District (created 1-Nov-2011)

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  • 1114 Washington Avenue Philadelphia - Wharton-Hawthorne-Bella Vista
    This is a one a minute record of this ONGOING situation on new years day 2016. How can this be continually overlooked? Reconfigure this parking lot for pedestrian safety NOW!
  • 8th And Manton Philadelphia, PA - Passyunk Square

    On the southeast corner of 8th and Manton, a condemned house was recently demolished. Woohoo!

    But now, the dirt lot is being used for parking. Boo! This is not only creating a mess -- mud and dirt all over the street and sidewalk -- but also creating a hazard to pedestrians and an eyesore to neighbors.

    I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure there is a permitting process that has to happen to turn a zoned residential property into a parking lot.

    Further, I think there are some regulations about keeping empty lots fenced off.

    So, this is a ZBA issue, an L&I issue, and a PPA issue.

    I know I know, parking in South Philly, enforcement, blah blah blah. At least it's on record now.

  • 1351 Kater Street Philadelphia, PA - Wharton-Hawthorne-Bella Vista
    Located at the intersection of Broad St. and Kater St., there is a Hess gas station. People are using the dumpster as a bathroom. Occurring multiple times a day, people are continually urinating behind the dumpster. My front door and window are located directly in front of the dumpster and men are continually exposing themselves. Being a woman, this makes the situation even worse. I have spoken to the manager and he says there is nothing that he can do. I have seen the people who work inside of the attendant booth direct people over to the dumpster since there is not a public restroom on site. There have also been cases where men have defecated and left their boxers covered and smelling horrible of @#$% outside my home until I personally had to remove them. The smell that builds up from the continual urination is unbearable!!. I have attached a picture of the area and you can see the urine stains on the cement. Please help!!!!
  • 606 Washington Ave Philadelphia, PA - Passyunk Square
    Dumpsters right on southwest corner of 6th & Wharton ALWAYS overflowing, never kept in their enclosure with doors closed, smells, litter everywhere. The Asian shopping mall owners always get cited, clean up for a day or two and then it's terrible again!
  • 1000 S.10th Street Philadelphia, PA - Bella Vista
    There is a tow truck for Alex's Auto Body routinely parking overnight, starting around 4pm on the SW corner of 10th and Carpenter, in a No Parking zone. It is never ticketed, and frustrates others who park legally. To add, it is becoming an eyesore to the otherwise nice block along the park.
  • 1336 S 8th St Philadelphia, PA - Passyunk Square
    Vacant commercial building has offensive graffiti on doors and windows and plywood/trash in windows and trash collects outside.
  • 1030 S. 9th Street Philadelphia, PA - Bella Vista

    The owners of this land (Carl's Poultry, who also operate a low-cost poultry shop across the street) have let this vacant property (in the heart of the Italian Markets) turn into an open dump. There is a graffiti covered dumpster sitting in this lot and it is surrounded by trash piling up. When asked to remove the trash a few years ago, they simply put tarps over it.

    Now others are dumping here. The "green" fence is often covered with graffiti, and it's been this way for years.

    Efforts from neighbors a few years ago halted a zoning variance to allow yet more construction by property owner. Why? Because the property owner, owns other abandoned/blighted properties on the 800 block of League Street. The fork lifts from his "warehouses" on League are constantly blocking traffic, not to mention the stench from the "cleaning" of kitchen equipment in the street. (But that's an entirely different topic. Health code violations?)

    Be a good neighbor - CLEAN IT UP.

  • 815 S Darien St Philadelphia, PA - Bella Vista
    This large new construction has a garage and a curb cut. There is a space between it's garage and the neighbor's garage that is large enough to park a car in. Recently, they left a note on my neighbor's car saying that it is inconvenient for them to turn into their garage when a car is parked between the garages. He knocked on their door several times to talk about this, but they have not answered. After he moved his car, they took it upon themselves to spraypaint a large no parking X on this space. This is another co-opting of public space for private use, and they should at the very least be made to remove it. The rest of the nighborhood parallel parks their cars on the street, a very small inconvenience we happily put up with. For this house to pull a three point turn around a parked car into their garage is a small thing to ask.
  • 700 Federal Street Philadelphia, PA - Passyunk Square
    Another mess...
  • 1039 S 6th Street Philadelphia, PA - Queen Village

    The owners of 1039 S 6th St have been placing "food stations" in the front of their house as well as on League St (500 block between 5th & 6th) for a number of months now, many of which had been constructed from cereal boxes which did not last through a rain storm. In an effort to continue feeding the neighborhood strays (and whatever else decides to wander in), they installed a makeshift shelter. This "shelter" is chained to the side of their house, but sits on League St. It seems that these people are making NO attempt at catching and spay/neutering these cats, rather just feeding them. To date, there are approximately 7-9 different cats (2 new kittens) that frequent this small street. I have walked out of my front door on many occasions and noticed that my sidewalk had been used as a litter box. The shelter that these people have installed has done nothing but fostered the stray cat problem in the neighborhood, not to mention the potential to attract other less desirable creatures (i.e. rats, possums - both of which have made visits to the street in the past). This neighbor is known to be aggressive and abrasive and has not responded well in the past to similar concessions.

    I will be taking and uploading pictures in the coming days.

  • Wharton St Philadelphia, PA - Passyunk Square

    There is a house on the North side of Wharton street, one lot East of 9th that has been abandoned for years.

    The weeds in front of the house are about 2 feet high. The weeds and the stairway are a dumping ground for garbage mainly from customers of Pat's & Genos. It's utterly disgusting to have something like this right next to a major tourist draw.

    Recently windows have been broken and then boarded up. Rats are being attracted to the mess out side and are routinely seen running out from the stairway.

  • 539 Washington Avenue Philadelphia, PA - Queen Village
    The plans approved for this site by the ZBA require a north face of the main building to be even with the north face of the buildings on either side. This particular structural detail was asked for by QVNA and agreed to by the builder, who presented the plans at the final QVNA meeting. The second we saw that construction was not following the plan, we contacted the owner and notified the on-site construction manager. Nothing came of it.