Delaware River Port Authority

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Watching issues created after: 2009-10-20

DRPA traces its roots to 1919 when leaders from Pennsylvania and New Jersey began planning for a bridge across the Delaware River between Philadelphia and Camden. That bridge, now known as the Benjamin Franklin Bridge, was once the longest suspension bridge in the world. More than 70 years after its opening, it remains a key transportation artery and a Delaware Valley landmark.

DRPA later opened three other bridges, the Walt Whitman Bridge, the Commodore Barry Bridge, and the Betsy Ross Bridge.

Notified About

  • 2nd And Tilghman Chester, PA - Chester
    Needs lighting & signage at the entrance..If your traveling Westbound, the 95 sign is on the opposite side of the should. At night it's hard to tell if it's an on ramp.
  • Barry Bridge Appr Chester, PA 19013, USA - Chester
    On east-bound 291 a sign for the new I-95 ramp seems to direct traffic to make a right-turn onto a dead-end side street. Every time I go by I see traffic on the side street making U-turns.
  • Water issue Archived
    1 Norris St Chester, PA 19013, USA - Chester
    There is too much water here
  • 1215 W 9th St - Chester
    Cars drive from 9th & tilghman st to 9th & lloyd doing 55 mph. Their needs to be a stop sign at 9th & lamokin st because there have been at least 20 accidents their over a 5 yr period and at least 5 within the last year.
  • 2616-18 E. Lehigh Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19125, USA - Richmond
    JR Dist., Churchville, PA 215-354-1170. This truck delivers every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at different times of the day and leaves truck idiling each time for at least 30 minutes.
  • 100-198 Tilghman St Chester, PA 19013, USA - Chester
    Need sign or flasher at Tilghman St entrance to the Rt 322 ramp in order to alert Rt 291 traffic (who are planning to turn left) in time to move over to the center-lane when they are approaching the ramp entrance.
  • 1300 Block Of Parker St Chester, PA 19013, USA - Chester
    i need help in my area with people who curb their dogs and do not pick the pop. The kids throw trash on groud after eating a bunch of junk food. We need a sing telling people there is a fine for throwing trash and not cleaming up after your dog.
  • 1 27 Race St Philadelphia, PA 19106, USA - Old City
    There is a large pot hole in the right hand southbound lane (1' in diameter and 6-8" deep).
  • S Columbus Blvd And Christian Street Philadelphia, PA - Queen Village

    The traffic light on northbound Columbus Boulevard at Christian Street has a dangerously quick signal for left turns. Rarely do more than four cars get through it before it turns red.

    Cars must dash through the very short left-turn lane, swing the wheel to the left and drive over wicked bumps and potholes.

    Something must be done about the road (already reported) and about the signal timing. This is an accident waiting to happen. A simple tweak to, say, 15 seconds might save a life.

  • Delaware River Trail just north of Wal-Mart, Philadelphia, PA - Pennsport-Whitman-Queen
    Looks like a good amount of graffiti has already been cleaned off along the trail, but more tags have been plastered on the wood fence and the asphalt sidewalk around the gate behind walmart and for a few dozen yards north.
  • Clinton St Camden, NJ 08103, USA - Camden
    This street needs to be plowed.
  • 1700-1748 W 2nd St Chester, PA 19013, USA - Chester

    Only one lane getting by for 4 full parking lots.

    on/off ramps not completed in time for stadium use.