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  • Hartwell Dr mt sinai, NY - Mount Sinai
    street light at 2 hartwell dr opposite 3 hartwell has been out for over a year.
    this is the first street light on hartwell on the north side heading west from Chestnut stree
  • 34 Gabon Lane CORAM NEW YORK, NEW YORK - Coram
    STREET LIGHTS ARE OUT ON 34 Gabon Lane, Gabon and Felway Drive intersection, Gabon Lane and Glenmere Lane intersection.
  • Gaton Lane And Grace Lane Coram, New York - Coram
    Excessive amount of parked cars in street on both sides and on lawn causing obstruction of view to make any turns. At last count 15 cars. My wife almost got tboned trying to make a turn off our block. He has been ticketed before please bring a fleet of tow trucks to take this trash away. And I will not even mention the back yard
  • pool Open
    Ross Lane Mount Sinai Brookhaven, NY - Mount Sinai
    Almost every house on Ross Lane in Mount Sinai has a pool and almost all of them have broken fences or easy access to the pool from the street. They have no alarms no locks on the gates most of them have no gates. Small fences, no safety features at all.
  • 37 Ross Lane mount sinai, NY - Mount Sinai
    The Street Light in front of 37 Ross Lane Mount Sinai 11766 is broken. It is very dark out!! Please fix it. Thank you
  • 2 Kentucky Ave brookhaven, NY - Coram
    streer light out needs repair.
  • 204 Chestnut St Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776, USA - Coram
    An on going problem in the winter with this street.
  • Mt Sinai Coram Rd Mt Sinai, NY 11766, USA - Mount Sinai
    this whole rd is a mess, be very careful hope someone fixes it soon
  • 43 Jesse Way Mt Sinai, NY - Mount Sinai
    the street lamps at both 43 and 45 Jesse Way are not working.
  • 5 Ivy Covered Way Mount Sinai, NY - Mount Sinai
    The light nearest the corner of Chelsea and the one near Hemlock is out. Street is very dark.
  • 21 Hampton Ct Coram, NY 11727, USA - Coram

    Let us know how the plows did by you. (plow0127)

    We are at the end of a court and take the brunt of all of the snow from the plows. Though there was a truck (a large pick up type truck) and a bob cat they still did a horrible job. Our road still has huge patches of snow and you can barely see the pavement in most spots on the road. They plowed in all of the mailboxes so we had to dig through 2 feet (no exaggeration) of snow to try to get to our mailboxes. It is too early to go out side and take pictures

  • 504 Ficus St Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776, USA - Coram