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  • 12 North Meadow Street Richmond, VA 23220, USA - The Fan
    Tree well and yard trashy and over 12"
  • Brush Pile Archived
    1252 Parkwood Ave Richmond, Virginia - The Fan
    Branches and twigs have been piled on sidewalk and are overflowing into the walkway.
  • 7 N Boulevard Richmond, VA - The Fan
    There is a massive pile of trash behind 7 N Boulevard that is so large it resembles a small landfill!
  • Other Archived
    Hanover & Shields Richmond, VA 23220, USA - The Fan
    3 tree wells blocking sidewalk
  • 1600 Monument Ave. Richmond, Virginia - The Fan
    The bar located in the basement of the Gresham Court apartment building on Stuart Circle (1600 Monument Ave.) has multiple signs and visual displays on this historic corner, and the collection is increasing. Doesn't being in the Monument Avenue Historic District protect the area from such seemingly inappropriate commercial displays?
  • 510 North Meadow Street Richmond, Virginia - The Fan
    There has been standing water in the alley between Monument and Park near Meadow (one house back into the alley). This has been for over a week (when it is dry - no rain). We wonder if there is a broken water line under the alley. This will be bad if it freezes.
  • 2200 W Grace St Richmond, Virginia - The Fan
    See attached picture. This is in the alley.
  • 1254 Parkwood Richmond, Virginia - The Fan
    Just as the title says: weeds growin into and over the sidewalk. This block is in sorry shape.
  • 1901 West Cary Street Richmond, VA - The Fan
    There is a low wire across the alley near Granby. Trucks are getting hung up on it. Cars can slide by.
  • 1400 Parkwood Richmond, Virginia - The Fan
    Ok, again, there aren't clear street numbers here, but this is the intersection of Parkwood and S. Randolph, including the bridge overpass over 195. Draw a circle of 100 feet around that intersection and there's a bit of everything. There's graffiti -- stop signs, end caps to the overpass, etc. There's overgrown weeds. There's an empty, unkempt lot. It's beautiful in its degree of ugliness. Really an eyesore and especially so as a gateway to the Randolph neighborhood. The piece de resistence may be that the street sign looks ready to fall off the pole. Seriously, does anyone from the city even pay attention for things to get this out of hand?
  • 114 North Harvie Street Richmond, VA 23220, USA - The Fan
    Really, please make this landlord get a commercial trash bin.....this is disgusting and eat infested.
  • 210 S Addison St Richmond, Virginia - The Fan

    Any time there is a heavy rain the storm sewer at the end of S Addison street near the foot bridge completely backs up and floods the street. The water comes up almost over the curb and pedestrians can't cross the footbridge.

    The pipe needs to be bored out or unblocked somehow.