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  • 2323 Park Avenue Richmond, Virginia - The Fan
    I'm completely bewildered by the lack of street scrapping in the Fan since Winter Storm Jonas. The roads in the Fan are very dangerous right now with snow packed 6 inches deep making it very slick. Given the very high tax base in the Fan we shouldn't have to play bumper cars!
  • 2601-2623 Kensington Avenue Richmond, Virginia - The Fan
    There is a pothole at the intersection of Kensington Avenue and Robinson Street. It is a particular problem because there is no stop light at this intersection and it is difficult to see to cross it, so cars must inch into the intersection and speed across once it is safe. Tires are spinning out in the gravel of this pothole.
  • 1012-1014 W Franklin St Richmond, VA - The Fan
    there are huge rats living in this abandoned building. it has been vacant for years because the owner refuses to be responsible for maintenance.
  • 1600 Monument Ave. Richmond, Virginia - The Fan
    The bar located in the basement of the Gresham Court apartment building on Stuart Circle (1600 Monument Ave.) has multiple signs and visual displays on this historic corner, and the collection is increasing. Doesn't being in the Monument Avenue Historic District protect the area from such seemingly inappropriate commercial displays?
  • Trash Archived
    2700 Blk Of Kensington Avenue Richmond, VA - The Fan
    there is furniture in the alley that needs to be removed
  • Other Archived
    2230 Monument Avenue Richmond, VA 23220, USA - The Fan
    On Tuesday, 12/2/14 the city was supposed to perform leaf pick up and street cleaning on the north side of Monument Ave between Allison and Strawberry. They only cleaned half of the street and did not clean between 2216 and 2234 Monument. A lot of us worked hard to put leaves in the gutter the day before. The street is a mess and really needs leaf pick up and cleaning. Please send the crew back ASAP to finish the job.
  • Eyesore Archived
    2201 Parkwood Ave Richmond, VA - The Fan
    This garden has been in place for well over two years. During this time it has been a regular hangout for drug users and vagrants.(that means homeless person) before this eyesore was installed this city lot was a well maintained grassy area useful to all local residents. Since the inception of his community garden local real estate has suffered. The people running this "garden" do not live nearby and therefore care very little about the upkeep; as well as the surrounding neighborhood. The park before the garden was a valuable asset enjoyed by many. Please enforce city code and remove this dump from our neighborhood.
  • 2012 W Main St Richmond, VA - The Fan
    grafitti vandalism on garage.
  • Other Archived
    200 North Robinson Street Richmond, Virginia - The Fan
    The sidewalk which was patched with asphalt is crumbling away making it a hazard for anyone walking along Robinson Street. I have witnessed multiple people hurt themselves.
  • 1831 West Grace Street Richmond, Virginia - The Fan
    Disgusting green sofa dumped in alley by apartment tenants.
  • 1901 West Cary Street Richmond, VA - The Fan
    There is a low wire across the alley near Granby. Trucks are getting hung up on it. Cars can slide by.
  • 510 North Meadow Street Richmond, Virginia - The Fan
    There has been standing water in the alley between Monument and Park near Meadow (one house back into the alley). This has been for over a week (when it is dry - no rain). We wonder if there is a broken water line under the alley. This will be bad if it freezes.