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  • Farmington Canal Heritage Trail Hamden, CT 06518, USA - Hamden
    On numerous occasions, I have seen people coming in and out of the woods in this area. The impression I've gotten is that they either live in there, or engage in illegal activity. I once road my bike about 20 feet into the woods (if heading northbound, there is small grass trail on the right as you start to go up the hill
    ), and I saw, I kid you not, a man wearing a trenchcoat, watching the canal line from behind the trees. As soon as he saw me he rushed further into the woods. This is a very dangerous situation. If possible, I wouldn't go any farther south than the dixwell bridge crossing. PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!
  • street paving Archived
    Furman Rd Hamden - Hamden
    Have live on the streeet for almost 20years and it has never been paved. Patched by different utility companies but not paved. One of my neighbors was an original owner oF their house and said the street hadnt been paved since they moved into their home. That was in the 1950's. I do see them repaving streets all around the Furman Rd community. so why not us. the rumor is the north end of Hamden get more beautification than the south end so money is just redirected. Maybe the neighborhood needs to let the city know we deserve more than just a drive by and promise that its on the list.
  • 2-16 Mount Carmel Avenue Hamden Connecticut - Hamden
    Alot of time and money seemed to be spent a couple of years ago completely re-engineering this intersection, and it's great that there's a dedicated left turn signal for motor vehicle drivers making a left (while heading south on Rt 10 - Whitney Ave) onto Mt Carmel Ave (heading east). The problem is with all that redesigning no one ever thought to put in a signal that recognizes cyclists. If you get stuck at that light without a car behind you to signal the dedicated left turn the "on demand" signal never changes, and you get stranded in the middle of a fast, busy, dangerous state road. I should point out that this is a heavily used cyclist route and is part of many rides in the greater New Haven area. Can we please install new technology--or properly calibrate the existing infrastructure-- so that it will sense lone cyclists waiting at this left turn signal. Thank you. (Note: a quick Google search brings up several relevant articles, such as this one: http://www.phred.org/~josh/bike/SignalDetection.html)
  • Shepard Ave Near Eramo Terr Hamden, CT 06514, USA - Hamden
    for years i lived in hamden and have yet to see radar being used. i work in new haven and as big and as busy as the new haven police dept is i see radar all the time. i see hamden police car with the words traffic division on it sitting in parking lots all the time doing nothing.when you call to ask the police dept if they can do some speed enforcement they send you to the traffic division and there is no answer and you leave a message and never get a call back ???
  • 581 Ridge Rd Whitneyville, CT 06517 - Hamden

    This is a dangerous intersection for cyclists and joggers. Both Hartford Turnpike and Ridge have a fair amount of traffic other then cars. This intersection has no cross walks and no lights near the intersection. There isn't even a pedestrian button.

    Seems like if you aren't in a car you just have to guess when it is safe to cross the intersection.

    Did I mention that cars drive 15-20 MPH over the speed limit?

  • 15 Mather St Hamden - Hamden
    Several months ago the left turn arrow from Whitney onto Mather mysteriously vanished from the signal. Now the oncoming traffic gets a red while the Mather bound traffic get a green. I've never been at a light where only one side of the intersection gets a green...without an arrow it makes you 'guess' if the oncoming traffic is stopped or not. I worry that there will be an accident because there is no obvious right of way. Why was the light taken down?
  • Four Rod Road - Hamden
    Four Rod Road is incredibly busy and there are numerous accidents on the corner of Four Rod Road and Earl Avenue. It is very hard to see while stopping at the two present stop signs on Earl Avenue, but none on Four Rod Road. There is also a hill that cars fly down from both directions as they go through this intersection on Four Rod Road.
  • Public Sex Archived
    185 Davis St Hamden, CT 06517, USA - Hamden
    Men troll the parking lot at the upper entrance to East Rock Park, looking for anonymous sex. When a partner is found, they often head into the woods for oral and anal sex.
  • 2 Brookside Drive Hamden, Connecticut - Spring Glen
    UI is removing healthy trees from our neighborhood park- please advise them immediately not to remove any more trees from this location. The trees provide necessary shade and ambiance. Removing more trees will destroy this beautiful neighborhood gem.
  • CT - Hamden

    wrong way down the one way--driving about 30 mph while ascending (could not maintain own lane & I almost went off road to not be hit)

    Driving above speed limit & wrong way on a one way. Very frustrating behavior.

  • 1831-1841 Whitney Ave Hamden, CT 06517, USA - Spring Glen
    In Whitneyville heading North and south the speed limit is always exceeded plus there is a lot of swerving and passing of cars going way over the speed limit! The entire length of the road ought to be a no passing zone!
  • 482-520 Putnam Ave Hamden, CT 06514, USA - Hamden
    A turn lane for Stop&Shop is needed to allow traffic to flow onto Putnam ave and stop backing up onto Dixwell ave.