Barrington DPW

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  • 20-98 Kent Street Barrington, Rhode Island - Barrington
    When turning from Kent St onto Sowams Rd the large bushes to the left block the view of oncoming traffic. In order to see past them a vehicle must move into the intersection. Very dangerous.
  • 65 Linden Rd Barrington, RI 02806, USA - Barrington
    Large pile of brush protruding into road. Needs pick up
  • Road repair Archived
    62 Francis St Barrington, RI - Barrington

    Francis St. between Heritage and Cheshire has a section of very bad road. This needs to be patched properly or the road will require a complete reconstruction.

  • Oak Manor Dr Barrington, Rhode Island - Barrington
  • 40-46 Sowams Road Barrington, Rhode Island - Barrington
    When turning from South Lane onto Sowams Road, there is a hedge on the left corner that blocks the view of oncoming traffic on Sowams. One needs to pill out almost on to Sowams in order to get a clear view.