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  • Pothole Archived
    Commerce St & Lark Industrial Pkwy Town of Smithfield, RI, 02828, USA - Greenville
    after construction last year the town never came back to finish road after repairing water main breaks. This pot hole is awful, so hard to turn left into Lark Industrial Pkwy. Its not just one the whole entrance to Lark Industrial Pkwy
  • Street Light Archived
    621 Putnam Pike Greenville, RI 02828, USA - Greenville
    change light. This light takes way too long to turn green and many times there is no traffic in 44. Change to flashing red left turn at non peak hours to allow people to turn left on red when no oncoming traffic.
  • Street Sign Archived
    55 Swan Rd Smithfield RI 02917, United States - Greenville
    Heading up Swan Road from Pleasant View, the left turn into Jaswell's Farm is very dangerous. Can a sign be posted after Conti's house saying slow down, use blinker for turn or something like that? It's at a dangerous corner and Jaswell's customers just turn in; they don't pause and look for oncoming traffic.
  • Trees Archived
    1 Continental Rd Greenville, RI, 02828, USA - Greenville

    There is a paper street located between my neighbor and I, owned by the town of Smithfield. The Town does not provide any maintenance to this area of land which ultimately falls to me. I have cleared out large patches of poison ivy, cleared downed trees, sprayed for bugs, and clean up the area every fall.

    The recent storm, coupled with a dry summer, has left the area in need of significant clean up that I am unable to do myself and do not think I should have to hire a company to maintain the Town’s assets. I have inquired with the Town on several occasions about assuming ownership of the property as it is often neglected, but have never received a response.

    I am asking that the Town please send someone to the area to clear away all the down vegetation and debris as it has become a breeding ground for mosquitos, carpenter ants, and lawn killing grubs.

    Thank you for your time. Please feel free to reach out at any time 4012616169.

  • Pothole Archived
    15 Tomahawk Trail Smithfield RI 02917, United States - Greenville
    Pot holes need to be fixed They are getting worse every winter
  • Trees Archived
    14 Spring St Greenville RI 02828, United States - Greenville
    Tree is leaning towards wires.
  • Trees Archived
    6 Pineridge Dr Greenville, RI, 02917, USA - Greenville

    Highway Dept.

    Could you please trim around the light and speed sign opposite #15 Pineridge Dr. Both are obscured by brush and tree overgrowth.
    Should be Pole #6.

    Could you please trim around light on Fir Way (just by intersection of Pineridge Dr) Pole #1 Fir Way. Light is somewhat obscured by tree growth .

    Thank You !

  • 2-10 Randall St Town of Smithfield, RI, 02828, USA - Greenville
    Nearly every time it rains, this drain is completely overwhelmed. Attached is a bit of hyperbole demonstrating just how much water accumulates.
  • Black Hawk Trl Town of Smithfield, RI, 02917, USA - Greenville
    The Zipline at Deerfield Park is rusted and does not work properly. This is the kids favorite attraction at the park and I fear it might be a safety hazard
  • Other Archived
    8 Concord St Greenville RI 02828, United States - Greenville
    Rabbit dead in road
  • 18 Sturbridge Ave Greenville, RI, 02828, USA - Greenville
    There is a berm that desperately needs mowing behind the Stone Post Estates development off of Smith Avenue, which abuts my property. When this development was built, we attended the town hearings and were informed that the town would eventually maintain mowing this area after so many years. Regardless if it still maintained by the developer or the town, it needs to be cut. I have reached out to the DPW over the past few years regarding the same issue and swift action has taken place. I am hoping you can assist again this year. Thank you.
  • Other Archived
    1 Continental Rd Greenville RI 02828, United States - Greenville
    There is a significant amount of sand on continental Rd/Barnes st Would it be possible to have a street sweeper come by and clean up the willow neighborhood?