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  • 1924 Pacific Avenue Tacoma, Washington - Newtacoma
    The street lights on the West side of Pacific Ave just outside of Indochine Asian Dining Lounge are consistently out. This is a safety threat to folks walking along the sidewalk, over the tree grates and getting on and off the sidewalk.
  • Tacoma Mall Blvd & 48th St Going Towards The Mall Tacoma, WA - Newtacoma
    this road is so rough that it's causing car damage -
  • 2206 N Madison St Tacoma, WA - North End
    This is like a bad repair job gone worser! The awful grammar is consistent with the awful attempts to fix this. It might just be a good solution to put a roundabout here. Otherwise, the road will need to be torn up to truly fix this mistake(s).
  • 513-599 S 21st St Tacoma, WA 98402, USA - Newtacoma
    A ton of potholes going up and down the hill on s 21st between Jefferson and Yakima.
  • potholed road Archived
    3400 N Union Ave Tacoma, WA - North End
    The North Union Ave road from N33 to N36 is one major pothole and needs a major resurfacing effort.
  • pipe Archived
  • 32nd And Alder Tacoma, WA - North End
    Street Light is out at corner of 32nd and Alder, North Tacoma
  • 4012 Yakima Avenue Tacoma, WA - South End
    When the light does come on, it is very dim. Most of the time it is not on at all. The light in front of this address and also the light at 40th St.
  • High grass Archived
    497-857 State Highway 16 Tacoma, WA 98405, USA - Central
    841 Washington St.
  • N. 46th St. And Vasaault Tacoma, WA - West End
    These lights are continuously flashing. They should be flashing only when students are walking. They even flash during the summer when school is out.
  • 13th & K St Nw Washington, DC - Newtacoma
    The walk signal at this busy intersection has been turned roughly 90 degrees and is not visible to pedestrians.
  • 119 Broadway Tacoma, WA 98402 - Newtacoma
    seems the ground sank a while ago and made a dip in the road. I scrape my car every time i go over it.