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Downtown Raleigh North Carolina and vicinity.

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  • 222 Hargett St Raleigh, NC - Central

    I am noticing a lot of issues being closed that are not actually being fixed. Many especially in downtown. What is the protocol here? If See Click Fix is to be a tool to fix problems, they should not be fixed until verified as closed by the City. Closing an issue by saying it is going to be done has been unacceptable because I am seeing closed issues in my area of downtown not being addressed.

    When SCF was initiated I saw it as an invaluable tool. Now I see it is something the City despises. Items are being closed out upon recognition, and if individuals follow-up, they are not actually being fixed.

    If SCF is going to be a tool for citizens to easily fix problems and the City to engage citizens to make Raleigh the best place to live, let's make sure that things that are reported are actually fixed if necessary.

  • parklet Archived
    2-98 Market Plaza Raleigh, North Carolina - Central

    With the limited downtown parking, the idea of allowing parklets to be placed in parking spaces seems "wasteful" use of the parking spaces!

    We need MORE downtown parking -- not less.

    If there are 10 parking spaces along one side of a city block, how many parklets would be allowed?

    Seems like the City Council are more interested in "pertifing" rather than solving the downtown parking problem.

  • traffic Archived
    Person Street Raleigh, NC - Blount Corridor
    right now Blount and Person Streets are corridors that are instrumental in moving traffic through the City. I would like to see the streets either become more efficient in light of the high gas prices (timed lights) or if you are trying to slow traffic on these streets another 2 streets should replace this need for commuters and weekend traffiic.
  • 293 Fayetteville Street Raleigh, NC 27601, USA - Central
    Rpd needs to vigorously enforce this no parking zone.
  • 17 E Martin Street Raleigh, North Carolina - Central
    Taz's Martin Street location is regularly using the trash can in Market Plaza - accessed through the rear of their building - for it's commercially produced trash. The trash can is often full of other trash bags and old flowers that they can no longer sell and results in the surrounding area (which includes benches) being littered. Shouldn't they be using a city issued trash can like the other businesses in the area?
  • 222 West Hargett Street Raleigh, NC - Central
    The signs don't have route numbers. Are you supposed to guess what bus stops where or just take a chance that the bus you might want may stop there.
  • 121 Fayetteville Street Raleigh, North Carolina - Central
    The new restaurant at this address--Tasty 8s--has installed outdoor speakers and is playing music. There is a zoning ordinance prohibiting this. Please have these speakers removed. This is also a problem at the Oxford at 319 Fayetteville Street as well as at the Eyewitness news location next door to the Oxford.
  • 233 South Wilmington Street Raleigh, NC 27601, USA - Central
    Spaces reserved for fuel efficent compact cars is not being enforced at Moores Square parking deck
  • 601-607 South Blount Street Raleigh, North Carolina - Blount Corridor
    ped signals (2) are missing
    from the intersection of
    E Lenoir & S Blo unt Streets:
    NE corner ... when will COR replace these ped signals ?
  • Sidewalks Archived
    Fayetteville Street Raleigh Nc - Central
    Why is La Volta allowed to totally block a sidewalk? Isn't this a public right of way? During Saturday's St Patricks Day event they essentially barricaded off the sidewalk in front forcing pedestrians to have to go into the street
  • 227-231 South Wilmington Street Raleigh, NC - Central
    Construction activity has eliminated marked loading zones critical to nearby merchants for efficiently conducting downtown business. Please temporarily recreate these zones to minimize this serious disruption to local commerce.
  • 600 West Hargett St Raleigh, NC - Hillsborough
    In the 600 Block of West Hargett Street, the sidewalk on the North side is overgrown with grass and shrubs. This starts at Boylan Avenue and goes down to the Railroad. Near the railroad tracks, the sidewalk can barely be seen. There are lots of pedestrians in this area. Thanks.