Fred Johnson

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Downtown Raleigh North Carolina and vicinity.

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  • 100 East Hargett St Raleigh, NC - Central
    There is some crazy driving going on at this intersection. This morning, a state government white van with the yellow license plates careened onto S Wilmington Street from Hargett and nearly hit a crosswalk full of pedestrians. Today at lunch, a woman pushing her baby in a stroller was nearly hit. Please evaluate this intersection for pedestrian safety.
  • 58-98 West Martin Street Raleigh, North Carolina - Central
    The "one way" sign at Martin and Salisbury needs to be moved to the pole across the street (as you are sitting at the light on Martin headed towards McDowell). I spend a lot of time on the corner of Martin and Salisbury and too many people miss the "one way" sign and try to turn right on Salisbury!
  • 500-598 Tucker St Raleigh, NC 27603, USA - Hillsborough
    Property is in the Glenwood South pedestrian zone. Under the rail bridge the shrubbery grows uncontrolled and obstructs the sidewalk.
  • 2-98 Market Plaza Raleigh, North Carolina - Central
    Yep, here's a picture of a guy relieving himself in Market Plaza around 6pm this evening. I appreciate the increased patrols we've seen down here this week since the Bluegrass Festival, but the police can't do much about this sort of vagrancy. However, the City can: remove the benches in and around Market Plaza until it can be renovated and brought up to the standards of modern civic design. Until that happens, this guy is basically peeing on everyone else's investment.
  • 2-98 South Blount Street Raleigh, NC 27601, USA - Blount Corridor
    Trash cans need to be replaced. There are just rusted metal baskets with no bottoms in them. In front of parking deck on Blount and Hargett. When can this street get the nice new cans like Glenwood and Fayetteville
  • Graffiti Archived
    2-98 West Hargett Street Raleigh, NC 27601, USA - Central
    A bunch of motorcycles scribbled on the asphalt on West Hargett. If the SparkCon street art is immediately pressure washed away after the festival, this mess certainly should be.
  • 131 Fayetteville St. Raleigh, North Carolina - Central
    Dog waste green trash receptacles are almost always overflowing - adding to the downtown dog owner's "where are the trash cans anyway" dilemma.
  • 426 South Person Street Raleigh, NC 27601, USA - Blount Corridor
    When they put up the new prince hall historic district signs, they made a mistake on this corner. Should be person and cabarrus street, not person/Blount.
  • 501-535 North Wilmington Street Raleigh, North Carolina - North Central
    All street lights on this block are out
  • 599 South Harrington Street Raleigh, North Carolina - Central
    The area is overgrown and is a hideout/dumping area for street people. Our employees are concerned to walk to their cars parked nearby. Needs to be cleaned up and better lighting.
    At the deadend of South Harrington St - At Lenoir St
    Approx address 580 S Harrington st
  • 525 Glenwood Raleigh, NC - Hillsborough
    The sidewalk here - one of the busiest in Raleigh - has been open/a severe hazard for over 1 month. Poor lighting at night - when the area is jammed - why is this allowed to continue????? And - why no crosswalk across Glenwood ave from the senior citizen home to 510 glenwood? "State owns the road" is an excuse that won't cut it when it comes to the safety of Raleigh please don't use it. Just fix it.
  • 101-199 North Blount Street Raleigh, NC 27601, USA - Blount Corridor
    How much longer Are both Blount and edenton gonna be closed??isnt 12-18 months enough???? This bldg is taking forever and equipment is just sitting there