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  • Charlotte Pike Nashville, TN - Whites Bend
    Charlotte Pike west of I-40 has become a very dangerous area due to increased traffic, homes and businesses. The speed limit of 55 is too high and a turning lane is desperately needed; at least through Old Hickory Blvd. There have been numerous accidents in this area.
  • Ordway Pl Nashville, TN - Lockeland Springs

    Just heard about another accident at this intersection...

    (from neighbors email)
    "We just had ANOTHER accident at Ordway and 17th with injuries. Not nearly as bad as the guy on the motorcycle a few months ago, but the driver side door was hit and this poor old man is trapped in his car screaming for help. SERIOUSLY, what is it going to take!?!?"

    If you want someone to call directly involved in getting something done:
    Corby Boudin - 862.8651 (direct line)
    who works with Public Works - Traffic Engineering Section.

    Corby had mentioned 4 months ago that he would start with painting white lines on Ordway at the interestection, but nothing has been done.

    The city is not dealing with this issue in a timely manner. We need voices to make it a priority.

  • 318 Fairfax Ave. Nashville, TN - Hillsboro West End
    From the corner of Fairfax to the corner of Chesterfield, there is an unusable asphalt "sidewalk" for much of the street. Autos use Marlborough as a cut-through to get to West End, so the street takes high traffic. Also, motorists often run the four-way stop at Fairfax and Marlborough and travel the road at a high rate of speed. This sidewalk needs repair so strollers and walkers can use it. Could also use a crosswalk at all four corners of Marlborough and Fairfax 4-way.
  • 401 N 17th St Nashville, TN - Lockeland Springs
    The corner of North 17th Street and Ordway Place had yet another car accident on Monday Oct. 3rd. This is a dangerous intersection. Nearly everyday, we hear screeching tires and near misses as cars/bikes/motorcycles cross North 17th street here. Right now there is a 2 way stop sign on Ordway Place. Last month my wife was a first responder to a motorcycle SUV accident at this intersection. Scary. Luckily guy survived. We don't want our kids at risk with this intersection or at risk of seeing something traumatic for them or those involved. We have called our councilman, Peter Westerholm, haven't seen action yet. Please do something! Prevent future accidents!
  • 1001-1099 State Highway 12 Nashville, TN 37208, USA - Downtown
    no other choice but to dart across traffic, there is a high-demand for a pedestrian crossing with demand signal flashers here. It is very unsafe to cross.
  • 400-598 Hart Ln Nashville, TN 37216, USA - Inglewood
    Desperately needs a traffic light with all of the traffic from the DMV exiting out on Hart Lane. People speed along Hart Lane every day. Very dangerous to try and exit out onto Hart Lane from Ben Allen or RS Gass with no light there.
  • 2307 Crestmoor Road - Green Hills
    Clients visiting businesses along Crestmoor cannot exit on to Crestmoor due to excessive traffic backed up on this road due to short green light at Crestmoor and Hillsboro, coupled with the added traffic on this street due to the Abbott Martin road closure.
  • Bradford Hills Drive - Cane Ridge
    The posted speed limit is 30 in a residential area. Cars on this road travel in excess of 50 miles an hour. A few speed bumps would slow traffic to a normal rate.
  • Abbott Martin Road From Hilldale To Cross Creek. - Green Hills

    We are so excited to see this project has begun and is slowly progressing down Abbott Martin. Next spring be prepared to see tons of people enjoying this new investment in their community. Thank you to everyone involved.

    Would like an update on the schedule for installing this sidewalk. We were told it would be this summer. We are looking forward to safely walking down Abbott Martin.

    There is an existing sidewalk from Burlington to Hilldale on Abbott Martin and then nothing until Cross Creek. This is a busy, well traveled road that leads into Green Hills shopping areas and HIllsboro High School. Students in this area live less than a mile from Hillsboro and the bus will not pick them up if they live under a mile from the school. Lots of runners, cyclists, pedestrians, and even Moms with strollers use this now and it is dangerous. So many more people would choose to walk instead of ride this short distance to grocery stores, the mall, school, restaurants or the YMCA if they could do so safely. Sidewalks to "no where" are being built all over the city because developers are forced to put them in places that don't make sense. We would be better served if the city required developers to pay into a sidewalk fund and build sidewalks based on priority need.

  • Right of way? Archived
    1001-1037 3rd Ave N Nashville, TN 37201, USA - Downtown
    At this intersection of 3rd avenue north, traffic from 3rd who need to turn right onto Jefferson must get over in the far right lane. However, vehicles are already in that lane if they're turning off of Jackson/2nd. Who has the right of way here? Can I recommend a yield sign for either vehicles on 3rd or those merging from Jackson? Thanks!
  • 3302 Ivy Point Rd Goodlettsville, TN - Nashville-Davidson Metropolitan
    Music City Raceway is getting out of control. When I first moved up there, 27 years ago, knowing the track is noisy, it was only on Saturday nights. I realize the track has changed hands so all agreements are off. This past week the track ran Monday, Tuesday (Motorcycle race) Friday and Saturday nights and sometimes on Sundays. When the Jet cars run, you have to leave the hill. The issue is, our quality of life up here is really compromised since none of us around the neighborhood can be outside, work in our yards, have company over to our house except Wednesday and Thursdays during the week. Since this is a money making situation, common sense would say, the track should build a sound barrier similar to what is around the interstate. We know the track is going to run, they have more money than we do. You can hear the track more than 10 miles away and they run sometimes up to 1:00 in the morning. Next door neighbor has a 6 month old and I know, they get no rest with that baby. Just some kind of wall or sound barrier to help deflect the noise. I'm sure they don't want us to make them put mufflers on their race cars like the fairgrounds track had to. Just be fair about the situation, and we don't constantly want to hear the loudspeakers, tires squealing, engines roaring and the ever fragrant smell of tires burning, and blue fog hovering. Keep it all over there on them.
  • 112 Quinn Circle Donelson, TN - Nashville-Davidson Metropolitan
    Across the creek we can see debris (sink, tires, mattress, plywood,etc) being dumped into Mill Creek from our work. I believe this is the address responsible. There are several sheds on the property visible from our side of the creek. I drove around yesterday to see if I could find the property it was coming from and I believe this is the one. Please put a stop to this, it is sickening to see when I just want to have a break and look at the wildlife and this is what people are doing to the environment. There is no telling how much junk they have thrown down there. I have seen people from there taking a golf cart with a trailer to toss their woodstuffs and do not doubt they are the same ones dumping the other garbage into the creek. Thank you for your help.