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  • Farmington Canal Heritage Trail New Haven, CT - Newhallville
    My husband was attacked by a group of 6-10 men while biking along the Farmington Canal Heritage Trail yesterday. He had his bike and iPod stolen. I often see police on Segways on the stretch of the trail between Division and Hillhouse, but the part that seems to be really dangerous is the stretch from Division to the New Haven/Hamden line. If this isn't addressed, this trail will cease to be a resource that New Haven residents can enjoy.
  • Bassett St And Watson St New Haven, CT - Newhallville
    Plowing the canal trail is overdue - people use this as a walking route to work and shopping. It should be a priority to plowing.
  • 452 Crescent St New Haven, CT 06511 - Southern CT State University
    It would be nice if DPW could routinely sweep out the bike lane in Crescent. Every time I bicycle here, I seem to end up in the auto lane because the bike lane is always full of gravel, dirt, and glass.
  • 250 Newhall St New Haven, CT - Newhallville
    Illiegal rooming house. No smoke detectors. Heating with gas stove!! Children on 2nd floor!!!! Vermin !!! Broken plumbing!!!
  • Farmington Canal Heritage Trail New Haven, Connecticut - Newhallville
    graffiti on gateway pier at Goodrich Street (New Haven / Hamden line)
  • SNOW RELATED Archived
    59-131 Shepard St New Haven, CT, 06511, USA - Newhallville
    Everytime it snows cars are always parked on the odd side of street so that street can not be plowed correctly. Needs to be addressed
  • 147-173 Cherry Ann St New Haven, CT 06514, USA - Beaver Hills
    During the summer, teenagers and young men numbering 6-9 ride from or through here down Cherry Ann and into New Haven. There are young children in the area. It is becoming a dangerous matter. This is an ongoing issue during the summer, and primarily on the weekends. Seldom does a patrolmen visit the area unless dispatched on a service call.
  • 284 Highland Street New Haven, Connecticut - Prospect Hill
    This intersection has seen a recent accident involving a driver not obeying the stop sign and driving over a child. Long term the intersection requires traffic signals. Until then, please post a police officer to enforce the stop sign.
  • 298-336 Newhall St New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Newhallville
    Drive-by shooting. Car pulls up . fires shots . thankfully no victims
  • 158 Newhall St New Haven, CT - Newhallville
    resolution2012 There is a need for Voc Ed School in New Haven to be builded there is poverty because there is no skill job force and poverty create violence crime despare
  • 29 Lilac Street - Newhallville
    There’s a dog in the backyard looks like a young dog that has been tied since yesterday on a short leash. He’s been out all night crying and howling in this cold weather who can I contact and report to?
  • 90 Pine Rock Avenue New Haven, CT - Southern CT State University
    This street really needs to be repaved.