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  • 52 Vinton St Providence, RI 02903, USA - Federal Hill
  • 640 North Main Street randolph, MA - College Hill

    After telephone poles were replaced there was dirt, stones, staples, screws left on side walk and street.
    The side walks were new telephone poles were installed should be swept and the street sweeper should go from 640 to at least grove street.

    Second issue that should be addressed to the town police and selectmen is that on weekends there is no dog officer answering or on duty. I managed to save a dog that was loose from getting run over on the main road. I then called the dog office and no answer I called 1212 and spoke with an officer who said they were not allowed to transport animals. Basically no help with this lost dog. Having an animal my self I could not bring the dog into my home. Not sure what the solution is to this problem is, however if everyone who answers the phones at 1212, would be versed to say if you need a place to take this dog the Randolph Vet on South Main Street will take the animal. This could also be set up on the recording when the dog officer does not answer his telephone.

  • 30 Galileo Ave. Providence, ri - Mount Pleasant
    Carrier walking on sidewalk and tree is blocking the view of sidewalk. Carrier has to walk in street. Safety issue.
  • 72 Vinton St Providence, RI 02903, USA - Federal Hill
  • 1486 Westminster St Providence, RI 02909, USA - West End
    Streetlamps have been out for some time now.
  • pothole Open
    14 Penn St Providence, RI 02909, USA - Federal Hill
  • 33 Frederick St Providence, RI - Smith Hill
    Frederick st, which has less than 20 houses on it, has several large potholes, spray paint graffiti on several buildings, one boarded up house that has a yard like the landfill, and a simple street light bulb that hasn't worked in forever. Please someone give some attention to this matter
  • Poccasett Ave. Providence, Rhode Island - Silverlake
    There is too much garbage debris on the sides of the road.It runs all the way down poccasett Ave.Silver Lake needs a clean up.
  • 80 Vinton St Providence, RI 02903, USA - Federal Hill
  • pothole Open
    23-25 Kenyon St Providence, RI 02903, USA - Federal Hill
  • 117-123 Vinton St Providence, RI 02903, USA - Federal Hill
  • 253 Knight Ave Providence, RI 02903, USA - Federal Hill
    many broken pieces of road