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  • Lenox Avenue And Melrose Street Providence, RI - Elmwood

    UPDATE: This has slowed due to the season and colder weather. Guarantee this will begin anew the first warm day of spring.

    There are countless cars playing loud music at all times of the day and night, but particularly Fri, Sat and Sun nights, from say 6PM-3am and Sat and Sunday afternoons. This street is a cut through to Broad Street and to get to the nightclubs/ highway, so we see a lot of traffic, not all of it loud, but easily 40-50 a day sometimes. This is all over Elwmood, not specific to this one intersection. Most cars at this time also do not stop at the 4 way stop sign.

  • 33 Atlantic Ave Providence, RI - Elmwood
    There is a 12 ' high mound of trash in front of this house at all times. It seems as soon as the city takes anything away, another mound appears. Cars are being stripped in the back lot - new ones there all the time and within hours they are unrecogizable
  • Allens Avenue At Point St. Providence, RI 02905, USA - Lower South Providence
    Bike lane ends abruptly where Allens Avenue intersects Point Street. All of a sudden, cyclists are forced into the traffic lane. Cars are not expecting this. Compounding the problem are drains and potholes that further limit space for cyclists at the side of the road. To fix this, consider 1) eliminating one traffic lane (there are 3) to allow space for cyclists, or 2) replace sidewalk with bi-directional, bike-path style shared space for walkers and cyclists, or 3) at least paint a visible lane and put up a bike sign so cars will be expecting the lane to end. This is very dangerous as it is.
  • 95 Grove Street Providence, RI - Federal Hill
    Over 80 concerned neighbors attended a rally on Sept. 11, 2010 to support saving this historic building. Neighbors would like to continue to work with the city towards an amiable resolution and ask that the Providence Redevelopment Agency get involved as soon as possible.
  • 79 Elmwood Ave Providence, RI - West End

    Oil spills in apron surrounding Auto Zone, just before the Watershed Sign on Elmwood Avenue, Providence. DEM was notified about this and so have the News outlets.

    I am a resident of Elmwood, and I think this type of pollution should be on the news.

    Thank you,

  • Lippitt Park Providence, RI 02903, USA - Blackstone
    The trash cans in Lippitt Park are overflowing with garbage and there is trash on the ground. The park is used frequently in summer months - maybe there needs to be an increase in trash pick-up? The Farmer's Market begins next week also and trash will be increasing. Several neighbors have reported rat sitings in the neighborhood, overflowing garbage cans in the park are going to continue to attract rats and other rodents. Thanks!
    Melissa 10th St.
  • 37 Jewett Street Providence, RI - Smith Hill
    Street lamp light is out.
  • Railroad St Providence, RI 02903, USA - Downtown
    The sidewalk needs to be repaired
  • 28 Sycamore St Providence, RI 02909, USA - West End
    Intersection of oak and sycamore
  • 28 Virginia Ln Providence, RI 02908, USA - Wanskuck
    Providence City Council has earmarked 4 million dollars for neighborhood improvements, yet, nothing is destined for this once beautiful park. Instead, money will be spent on the already well-maintained Fargnoli Park on Smith St. Only difference is the demographics of the two neighborhoods. Fix this park!!
  • 27-29 Bridgham St Providence, RI 02907, USA - West End
    Kids opened the fire hydrant. Street flooded and water continuing to pour out.
  • Many potholes Archived
    1820 Westminster St Providence, RI 02909, USA - West End
    The potholes are so bad here, cars can't go more than about 5 MPH. The intersection is awful to begin with, but this is causing cars to block the intersection more than normal.