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  • 28 Virginia Ln Providence, RI 02908, USA - Wanskuck
    Providence City Council has earmarked 4 million dollars for neighborhood improvements, yet, nothing is destined for this once beautiful park. Instead, money will be spent on the already well-maintained Fargnoli Park on Smith St. Only difference is the demographics of the two neighborhoods. Fix this park!!
  • 122 Willow Street Providence, RI - West End
    For the past month and a half huge trash heaps have littered the 122 Willow Street property. Despite repeated requests from neighbors, the tenants refuse to address the issue. This house is a nuisance property and should be reported to the AG's task force.
  • Broken Lights Archived
    Dexter Field Providence, RI - West End
    85% of the lights are not working at the park.
  • 38-58 Parade St Providence, RI 02907, USA - West End
    This needs to be cleaned up badly.
  • 56-98 Greenwich St Providence, RI 02907, USA - West End
    There is an elementary school( leviton annex) on Greenwich st. There is no speed bump or crosswalk. There should be. So many cars speed down this small street. Let's be preventative, and get this done before something serious happens!
  • Across Jewett Street From House 24 on highway embankment but facing dead end - Smith Hill
    The street light here has been dark for more than one year. Repeated complaints to councilman have resulted in no improvement.
  • Goddard Street Providence, RI - Smith Hill
    During the winter months, the speed bumps that were on Goddard Street were damaged and then removed. They need to be repaired and replaced because of the immediate danger to the children living on the street. Cars drive down the street of speeds close to 40-50 mph, while children as young as three years old are outside on the sidewalks. Please take this request into consideration for the safety of the youth living on Goddard Street.
  • Hope Street Between Rochambeau And 8th Providence, RI 02906, USA - Blackstone

    * on the "to cross the street, press this button" sign in front of the church at the corner of Hope and Rochambeau

    * on the Caution box next to the driveway of Citizens Bank at 792 Hope

    * on the phone box in front of Citizens Bank at 792 Hope

    * on the mail box in front of Bank of America at 814 Hope

    * on the "Stop For Pedestrians" sign in front of Seven Stars Bakery at 820 Hope

    * on a box on the telephone pole at 830 Hope

    * on the fire box next to Garrison Chocolates as well as on the side and front of the building (corner of Hope and 4th)

    * on the phone box between the Sunoco and Gulf gas stations near the corner of Hope and Rochambeau

  • Grove Street Providence, RI - Federal Hill
  • Intersection Of Holden And Jewett Streets Providence, RI - Smith Hill
    There is a very large and growing divot at the intersection of Holden and Jewett streets where the pavement appears to be caving in. The cause is probably incessant digging and repaving at that location. The divot is dangerous to both pedestrians and cars, and it should be repaired asap.
  • 57 Cowper Court Providence, RI - West End
    there is a very large heap of trash that has been left on the street, including: wood, glass, clothes, etc. It is difficult to pass by and get in and out of driveways.
  • 27 Vinton St Providence, RI - Federal Hill
    There are a bunch of burnt out buildings at 27 Vinton St that are attracting MANY drug dealers and homeless people. All the windows are missing and there are no boards. Lots of Families with kids living right in this neighborhood where one kid was playing in the burnt out building (it's not secured) and approached by resident drug dealer living next door and fondled/raped the kid. House directly behind is also burnt out and house directly to the left is full of vagrants. In the burnt out houses, the Doors and windows wide open all the time.