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  • Wood & Parade Street Providence, RI 02909, USA - West End
    This city owned property has been sitting at the corner of Wood & Parade Streets since June 27th. it was ordered for the BLOCK PARTY on Sycamore street. Several calls to the City etc to pick this up have "fallen on deaf ears".
  • 126 Melrose St Providence, RI 02907, USA - Elmwood
    The intersection at Adelaide and Melrose needs two more stop signs: drivers stop voluntarily on Adelaide. Two ROAD NARROWS signs are installed behind trees on Melrose at this intersection. The speed tables in the neighborhood stress cars and users; then they forgot to lower the speed limit to 15mph! Lots of expensive traffic control devices for poor traffic design.
  • 142-150 Bath St Providence, RI 02908, USA - Smith Hill
    this graffiti has been here for over a month. It is on one of the most visible facades on Smith St and is highly emnbarrasing to the Smith Hill neighborhood.
  • Twelfth St At Hope Street Providence, RI - Blackstone

    Street light on the corner of Hope and 12th St is out, and has been for several weeks.

  • 142-160 Knight St Providence, RI 02909, USA - Federal Hill
    Building demo'd last year. Has it gotten zoning approval for surface parking? See phone number on sign.
  • 73 Holden Street Providence, RI - Smith Hill

    Within the past three (3) weeks there's been an increase in rat and mice activity. Mice droppings under sink (being taken care of) and rats out during the day. Mice come inside when rat population increases, forcing rats to seek food during daylight hours.

    H e l p!

  • 395 Promenade St Providence, RI - Smith Hill
    Graffiti obscures the directional signs. Hard to read hospital sign. All over nearby boxes.
  • 259 Carpenter Street Providence, RI 02909, USA - Downtown
    This fence bordering the Knight Street side of the home on 259 Carpenter Street is a danger to pedestrians and should be removed. It has been reported to Pleshette Mitchel of Neighborhood Services and even investigated first hand by Joe Eliiot- Inspector of Code Enforcement. Year old issue. This fence cuts peoples ankles as they walk past. Old metal plus open wounds = problem for city for failing to uphold code enforcement. Do what is right and protect the citizens, end this age old issue now.
  • 537 Chalkstone Ave Providence, RI 02908, USA - Smith Hill
    neighborhood looks terrible with this graffiti.
  • Potters Ave Providence, RI - Elmwood
    All of potters ave needs to be re paved.there are currently HUGE potholes in which you must drive onto other side of ten street to avoid. Just filling these every couple months does not work, as you must know, since that has been the only solution to the problem for numerous years. Please spend the money and re pave the entire street.....and please don't forget huntington ave....just as bad! Thanks
  • Indiana Ave - Washington Park
    Can someone fill the railroad tracks that are raised on Allens Ave near electric company. They are really getting bad and can puncture tire or rims. Needs to have tar put all along side it if not gonna remove them.
  • 355 Thayer St Providence, RI 02906, USA - College Hill
    Extremely disturbed new sidewalk needs to be replaced