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    2232 San Jose Avenue Alameda, California - Alameda
    There has been quite a bit of construction work going on at this apartment building. Including remodeling apartments A and D. Plumbing work, electrical work, et cetera. I looked on the city permit portal and did not see that they had pulled any permits for any of the work they has been going on. The new owner has had the exterior of the building painted and sanded without protecting the tenants or neighbors (or the workers). I'm afraid they are spreading lead dust around the neighborhood and I don't know what they are going to do next and how it might effect the rest of the neighborhood and their tenants. is there anything that can be done to make this building owner take more responsibility for the work they are having done on their building?
  • 2101 Webster Street Alameda, California - Alameda
    There is an ongoing and worsening problem of red light running, speeding and failure to yield to pedestrians at the intersection of Atlantic and Webster. I cross here several times a day and the condition worsens year after year. This is the busiest pedestrian intersection in the entire City of Alameda. There are over 6500 students, faculty and staff who work at the College of Alameda. In addition, ASTI High School is at this location as well as senior housing, the City's Housing Authority and the the Walgreen's / Starbuck's shopping area.
  • 555 Willie Stargell Ave Alameda, California - Alameda

    There is often a long line of cars waiting to get to the drive through. The problem is the headlights of these cars shine directly into the eyes of the drivers who turn right onto Stargell from Webster.

    Can some plants/hedges be planted to eliminate this traffic hazard?

  • Graffiti Archived
    1254 Broadway Alameda, California - Alameda
    The news box has graffiti on it. Worse than that, the fence of this house has had graffiti on it for at least one year. Now they've crossed out the previous post and put XIV. There are at least three tags on this fence.
  • 1440-1498 8th Street Alameda, California - Alameda
    During rush hour, cars moving south on 8th across the Santa Clara constantly run the light and block the intersection when the light turns red. I see this several times a week. It creates a dangerous situation for pedestrians, as well as E/W traffic on Santa Clara.
  • Tilden Way Alameda, California - Alameda
    The stoplight to turn left from Tilden Way to Fernside Blvd has a bicycle sensor embedded in the pavement that does not work. The left turn arrow will not trigger, even with my bike directly on top of the sensor and angled to get the best signal. This has happened multiple times in recent weeks.
  • 636-698 Santa Clara Avenue Alameda, California - Alameda
    At the intersection of Santa Clara and Webster st, the light sensor is not set correctly. The pedestrian "walk" signal is on 24/7 to do a countdown, no matter if anybody pressed the button to walk or not. So during the middle of the night, if you are on Santa clara to go through the light at the intersection with Webster St, you have to sit there seemingly forever, while watching the pedestrian "walk" light lit up for those going up and down WEbster st. It finally begins a countdodwn, which also last another 20 seconds. Mind you, this is in the middle of the night, with nobody around. This light used to be pretty quick changing in the early mornings, but no more. It is really annoying. I think it started when they were doing something to the st recently. Please fix! Thanks! 8-)
  • 2513 Blanding Ave Alameda, CA 94501, USA - Alameda

    Many cars speed on Blanding Ave. between the stop sign at Broadway and the traffic light at Park. Also, There are no red painted curbs. Cars and, more critically, trucks park right on the corners blocking stop signs and visibility. It is difficult to cross the street on foot or car.

    There needs to be:
    1. A speed limit sign on both sides of the street WITH enforcement.
    2. Stop signs on Blanding Ave. at the corner of Everett Street OR at least a painted cross-walk.
    3. Speed bumps installed along this stretch.

    This is a much used corridor and drivers are given no information about:
    1. The speed limit.
    2. The fact that this is a mixed use business/residential area.
    3. There is a Community Art Center located at the corner of Blanding and Everett with people coming and going all day. There are children's day camps and classes.

  • 429 Ralph Appezzato Memorial Parkway Alameda, California - Alameda

    This stoplight does not recognize bicycles. I am forced to run a red light or use the pedestrian crosswalk. Since there is only one crosswalk on the west side of the intersection, if I am traveling north bound (as I often do) I am forced to illegally cross the road in order to activate the pedestrian signal for signaled crossing.

    Please revise the light so that bicycles are recognized in order to permit safe crossing.

    Thank you.

  • 1825-1999 Poggi Street Alameda, CA 94501, USA - Alameda
    Signal at Ralph appezato and poggi does not always detect cyclists . In addition, the green phase and yellow phase are too short. I Am typically clearing the intersection after the light has already turned red even when I am the first vehicle through.
  • Itilong Ln 94501 - Alameda
    No street lighting, notified police, AMP, TriPointe (the builder)and the city of alameda. Lighted streets required for public safety, security, and quality of life in our new neighborhood at Alameda Landing.
  • Longfellow Park @ Linden St And Lincoln Ave Alameda, California - Alameda
    Children are playing on the unfinished new play structure. Work on this play structure seems to have stopped in the past few weeks, leaving the playground unfinished yet still accessible to kids. Parents and kids are going over the barrier and climbing and playing on the structure. The ground is concrete, the structure has exposed poles and is not secure. This project needs to be completed immediately. This situation is a huge liability for the city and more importantly a great risk to the children. Thank you!!