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  • 1-25 Sunapee Road Arlington, MA 02474, USA - Arlington
    Mass Ave West of 16 is not marked for lanes. We've got vehicles haphazardly driving across the roadway. Some lane designations would help. Perhaps bike lanes. Maybe even something beautiful like grass and trees down a central divider.
  • Concord Turnpike Arlington, MA 02474, USA - North Cambridge
    There are no lane markings as Route 2 approaches the intersection of Route 16 and Fresh Pond Parkway. It's not clear if the right-hand lane can travel left or if it can only travel right. Many motorists bear left, squeezing into the lane that heads toward Route 16, which doesn't seem to be designed for 2 lanes of traffic, but there are no markings, so it's not clear how it's intended. The same applies to the left-hand lane. It can possibly travel straight, while someone in the right-hand lane tries to travel left, which would cause a crash. But custom doesn't seem to allow that. See photo for illustration.
  • Alewife Brook Parkway Cambridge, MA 02140, USA - North Cambridge
    Traffic lines at the intersection of mass ave and alewife parkway are not painted. This causes confusion as to what lanes the cars crossing over to mass ave belong in.
  • 405 Alewife Brook Pkwy Somerville, MA 02144, USA - Somerville
    Most folks driving on Route 16 do not expect a rotary here and it is VERY poorly signposted. There need to be more queues that a rotary is coming and traffic is entering from several directions.
  • 2 Broadway Arlington, MA - Arlington

    On Broadway eastbound, it's very hard to see the traffic lights at Route 16.

    The lights are on vertical poles at the corners, instead of over the road. So trees easily get in the way.

    The flashing lights at the Foodmaster crosswalk up the road also distract drivers from the red light at Route 16.

    On several occasions I've seen cars blast right through the red light, or do a panic stop when they saw the red light at the last second.

    The DCR needs to install overhead traffic lights at this intersection.

  • Alewife Brook Parkway Arlington, MA - North Cambridge
    When leaving Route 2 and bearing left onto RT 16, there is a killer pothole on the left edge of the ramp.
  • (pothole) Archived
    Concord Tpke Cambridge, MA - North Cambridge
    pothole in left-hand lane when getting onto rt. 2 east, from concord turnpike/alewife brook parkway
  • Be careful driving in the right lane. Giant hole might cause you to swerve into the left lane.
  • (pothole) Archived
    520 Alewife Brook Pkwy Cambridge, MA 02138 - Cambridge
  • Pothole Archived
    359-373 Alewife Brook Pkwy Somerville, MA 02144, USA - Somerville
    Large pothole, left lane as you are headed northbound. Looks as though it was patched, but has sunk since then.
  • 625 Concord Avenue Cambridge, MA - Cambridge

    The new sidewalk cycle track on Concord Avenue near Fresh Pond is dangerous and uncomfortable to use.

    It crosses numerous side streets and commercial driveways. Car drivers turning in or out don't expect bicycles on what looks like a sidewalk.

    And at each driveway, the track dips down and then up again. All these bumps make for uncomfortable riding.

    The previous configuration had perfectly usable bike lanes.

    The older two-way track between the rotaries is even worse. It crosses even more driveways, and at each one, there's a granite curb which crosses the track diagonally and gives a big bump. There are also random poles and granite posts on the path.

    To "solve" the safety issue at driveways, they painted crude stop signs on the pavement. That doesn't fix what's an inherently dangerous facility.

    Please do not add cycle tracks to any more streets in Cambridge.

  • Large pothole Archived
    Fresh Pond Parkway North Cambridge, Cambridge, MA, USA - North Cambridge
    Large pothole in the right lane of southbound Fresh Pond Parkway (Rt 16 and 2). Located in overpass in front of Alewife station. Really bad hole - cost me a new tire. Ran into another guy at the same NTB who also had a flat from the same hole.