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  • Alewife Brook Parkway Somerville, Massachusetts - Somerville
    You closed issue 1201766 so I cannot comment on it, but the lights are still out. There are 3 in a row not working making this road extremely dark to walk down
  • Other - City Issues Acknowledged
    153 Alewife Brook Parkway Somerville, MA 02144, USA - Somerville
    Crosswalk light not functioning. The crosswalk light is out and the crosswalk button no longer causes the traffic light to turn red for pedestrians.
  • Other Archived
    3 Alewife Brook Parkway Cambridge, Massachusetts - North Cambridge
    There is so much trash at the intersection of Alewife Brook Parkway and the Alewife Station Access Road. It is an ongoing problem. Can the City please do something about it?
  • Alewife Brook Parkway Arlington, MA - North Cambridge
    When leaving Route 2 and bearing left onto RT 16, there is a killer pothole on the left edge of the ramp.
  • All along the newly opened section of Blanchard Rd in Belmont
  • Seagrave Rd Cambridge, MA 02140 - North Cambridge
    on the northbound (eastbound?) side of rt 16, right up against the curb, extremely deep pothole
  • Large pothole Archived
    149-221 Massachusetts 3a Cambridge, MA 02138, USA - West Cambridge
    It's located on the right lane for the northbound traffic.
  • Alewife Brook Parkway Somerville, MA 02144, USA - Somerville
    Back of house on high street not shoved
  • (pothole) Archived
    14 Smith Pl Cambridge, MA 02138 - Cambridge
    As you are entering Smith Place...USE CAUTION! This mess of pavement will gostle your car around!!!
  • If you're headed toward Alewife on Fresh Pond, avoid the left lane. you'll be swallowed by this mid-interesction beauty
  • House On The Corner Of High Street And Alewife Brook Parkway Somerville , Massachusetts - Somerville
    Side walk not shoveled