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  • 1599-1601 Ridgewick Dr Wickliffe, OH 44092, USA - Wickliffe
    Please - If you are a parent with a teen in this area, make sure they are not trashing peoples property and leaving garbage all up and down the street. Their mouths are foul and are within ear shot of peoples windows thru out the night. I do hope W.P.D. does some curfew checks , i think they will have alot of issues. So show some respect or the law will be coming ....... it is a bad situation - drive down there and see the skateboards in the street and garbage------ bad .
  • 2656-2754 Bishop Rd Wickliffe, OH 44092, USA - Wickliffe

    As nobody is usually crossing the freeway ramp, the walk signal should stay on don't walk most of the time. Walk should only be activated when the button is pushed by a pedestrian.

    Overall bridge design is poor based on obtuse angles that eliminate the ability to make a right turn on red.

    I actually endured this traffic light sequence from the other direction at 9 a.m. the other day. I was exiting Interstate 90 westbound, wanting to make a left on Bishop. I sat through the complete cycle including two 10 second periods when no cars traveled through the intersection on Bishop.

    Once enough time has been wasted the Walk/Don't Walk light begins flashes 15 times (15 seconds) before changing to don't walk, enabling the light to change and not endanger pedestrians.

    There are buttons at the crossing points that allow pedestrians to request the right of way to change, why the highway designers and Wickilffe officials who set up this intersection refuse to rely on the walkers to be smart enough to utilize them is unfortunate.

  • 1722 E 296th St Wickliffe, OH 44092, USA - Wickliffe
    Everyone Should be aware and see home drama Go's around up and Down E296Th Street and Robindale St... The Police Are NOT doing a good job at cleaning these streets up on Euclid ave and would really appreciate it if they would come down this street and see WHATS HAPPENING! Older Looking teenagers and Young adults make these streets the Projects of Wickliffe and a very bad reputation for our City.. Also you So called wickliffe police need to clean up the trash at Levi-Lane park on 296th st.... Heres some ignorance for you guys.... Maybe Willowick or Willoughby police should Check out this park and keep an eye on it....